Upcoming Changes to the Emerson Campus

If there is one thing Emerson students are accustomed to seeing, it’s scaffolding. I don’t remember a time that Emerson’s campus wasn’t dominated by rows of scaffolding that hang ominously above as you wait to cross at the Boylston-Tremont intersection. Scaffolding has been a fixture outside the Little Building (LB) for a long time now. This is to be expected, given it’s an old building desperately in need of some sprucing up. Thankfully, Emerson will begin the renovation process of LB next semester. Starting in January 2017, though, the lower-level of the building will be closed. This means that both the campus fitness center and the Cabaret (at least in their current locations) will be closed as well.

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The Residence Hall Brawl

Ever since I first visited Emerson my junior year of high school, I’ve been no stranger to the on-going conversations about the residence halls. I’ve heard students around campus talk about the suites in Piano Row, the social aspect of Little Building, the distance between Paramount and the rest of campus and the ovens in Colonial. While about half of Emerson’s students live off campus, … Continue reading The Residence Hall Brawl