LGBTQ: Power in Out

Photographer: Stella Drews-Sheldon Model: Bella Cartularo Makeup: Lily Noyd

Easy Tricks For Taking Better Instagram Photos

Despite how much we may deny it, we all know that we notice how many likes our pictures get on Instagram. Especially if a post we thought would do well, doesn’t. The standards for a good Instagram account at Emerson are high‒I mean, how are you supposed to compete with all the photography accounts, all…


A posed photograph is poised. It conveys what the subject desires, provides an image that validates her. A candid photograph has a different energy. It conveys how the photographer sees, and it is much more about action than image. Equally valuable, equally expressive, the viewer can receive two images of one person.

Women’s March: An Exploration of Expression in Times of Distress

by Hayley Broderick and Amelia Wright                 (left to right, top to bottom: Boston, MA; Boston, MA; Washington, D.C.; Washington D.C.) After weeks of cloudy dismal skies, the sun finally shone through over the Boston Common. Pink hats covered the area in roaring support of women’s rights. After…

Style Bloggers: Who’s Really Behind Their Photos?

Recently, style blogging has become incredibly popular and there’s no end in sight! There are a lot of fashion lovers who have become famous or rich through blogging. Some of the most well known bloggers are Chiara Ferregani, Nicole Warne and Kristina Bazan. It is interesting to look at the great photos posted by these fashion…