My First Time in NYC

To think that I’m 19 and I just went to New York for the first time in my life is crazy to me. Especially if you really know me and the fashionista I am, it’s even crazier. I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous that New York wouldn’t live up to my expectations. Since I was a little girl, I have dreamed of the skyscrapers, high-end fashion stores, and taxi crazed streets. I dreamed that one day I would walk the streets like Carrie Bradshaw and get to wear ridiculous fashion.

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The Bus Mishap that Shaped a Friendship

It was the start of Spring Break. In Boston, the sun had finally begun to shine warming the air to a beautiful fifty-five degrees. The city was flocking with families taking their kids into the Common to play, friends grabbing coffee and basking in the sun, and runners freed from treadmills going up and down the Esplanade.

Federica, my soon to become best friend, and I were all packed for our trip to New York, ready to visit what we both considered our future home. We’d both traveled before, but this was our first real girls trip, no supervision.

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Beginner’s Guide to Street Art in Soho

Growing up in the port of Los Angeles I was always surrounded by street art. There was one artist in particular that caught my interest, I’m unaware of his name, but his work was so unique and I kept finding it throughout the city. His signature was a character of a white cat with black spots and he had it posted in different nooks and crannies around the city, making you look for them like a scavenger hunt. This went on to spark my interest in street art.

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A Reflection on Advanced Style: The Documentary

I have always been in love with style. In love with fashion, clothes, fabrics, patterns and colors. I was the little girl who used to dress herself in tutus and vibrantly colored sun hats. The one who would visit her grandparents and look through her grandmother’s jewelry box for hours on end, trying each piece on, and then carefully placing them back. I would drape … Continue reading A Reflection on Advanced Style: The Documentary