What Sophomore Year Has Taught Me

College is quite a wild ride. I never expected to learn, change, and grow as much as I did. Sometimes, I feel like a completely different person. Other times, I feel merely like a more mature version of my high school self. Regardless of the impact college has left on you thus far, it’s inevitable…

Adventures in Creating New & Differentiated Identities

We all know that every company in existence has a certain brand – a look, a message, a name, a logo which are components of the brand’s identity. However, brands can go even further than companies: almost every music artist has created their own specific brand identity that coincides with their musical identity.

Looking at Advertisements as Time Capsules

Part of my summer cleaning involved removing 50 pounds worth of Bon Appetite magazines from my grandmother’s kitchen cabinets. Before throwing monoliths of magazines away, I decided to flip through a few of them. Bon Appetite is a good magazine if cooking is your thing, but what intrigued me was looking at the advertisements. What…

Finding Inspiration in Mad Men

By: Alexis Clemons The television show Mad Men only has a few episodes left before its series finale and I’ve been feeling very sentimental. As a Marketing Communications major at Emerson, I enjoy watching a show that’s centered on my favorite subject. However, Mad Men seems to have a stigma around it in the academic marketing world….