My Boston Favorites

I always talk about Boston – I literally never shut up about it.

My soul is full of pride to know that I grew up in this incredible city. And after watching the Marathon from the finish line this weekend, my heart has just burst from happiness, love, and pride. Although it is normal to love the place you grew up, I know that my love and pride surpasses that normal capacity.

And as I am turning 2o this summer, I have put together a list of my all-time favorites within the city of Boston. For the most part, I am a HUGE foodie which is the reason why a lot of my favorites are restaurants. Along with food, I love shopping and large hang-out places which makes my list a combination of hidden places and well-known parts of the city. The way I went about making my list is by creating a quirky, lil’ map through Google to actually pinpoint the places I am talking about AND to make it easier for you all to figure out where they all are if you decide to try them out for yourselves!

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Reclaiming Your Identity After a Breakup

So you’re single now. If there’s anything I’ve learned during my first year of college, it’s that life is a wild ride. Friends come and go, opportunities are lost and new ones found, relationships are made and broken. Upon a series of events (whether fortunate or unfortunate only you can say), you’ve found yourself out of another relationship. Maybe it was for the best. Maybe … Continue reading Reclaiming Your Identity After a Breakup

Date Ideas to Spark Up Your Summer

The summer is a perfect time for fun dates. So many opportunities arise that couples just can’t do during the chillier months. Especially after a long year of classes and work, the summer months allow couples to reignite the spark that may have been lost during the year by going out and taking advantage of these special activities. The ability to create the most memories is … Continue reading Date Ideas to Spark Up Your Summer

Searching for Music to Move the Stars

By: Erin Kayata While flying from Boston to San Antonio, Texas, I embarked on my spring break reading: Travelling to Infinity, the memoir by Jane Hawking which the recent movie The Theory of Everything is based upon. When I was watching the Oscars a few weeks prior, I became intrigued by the story. Having not yet seen the movie, I decided to start off by … Continue reading Searching for Music to Move the Stars

Californication: San Francisco

I’m standing on some random street in San Francisco close to midnight, carry-on luggage and stuffed backpack in tow, shivering in my cotton shorts and a thin t-shirt because I didn’t take into account the difference in latitude and bay winds. Nathan throws me his sweatshirt and insists that I wait on the stoop, somewhat shielded from the wind. We are waiting for his high … Continue reading Californication: San Francisco