The History of Curly Hair

Nowadays, luscious locks that spring from your scalp are sought after. But they weren’t always and even now, they’re not always appreciated. Let’s take a step back in time for a moment, to the 1500s. Just eight years earlier, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue and Henry VII was ruling over England and Wales with his wife Elizabeth of York, bringing peace to the two … Continue reading The History of Curly Hair

Believe the “Hamilton” Hype

  Even if you’ve never had an interest or taste for musical theater and have found long-running, popular musicals such as Les Miserables or the Phantom of the Opera to be dreadful, there is still a high chance you might enjoy Hamilton. The musical, which is quickly making its composer and star, Lin-Manuel Miranda, a household name, has now garnered 11 Tony Awards as well … Continue reading Believe the “Hamilton” Hype

The Countdown to “Hamilton” in Boston

By: Sarah Hope If you haven’t listened to “Hamilton” yet, you are way behind. It’s an amazing historical hip-hop musical about Alexander Hamilton and those surrounding him, written by a genius: Lin-Manuel Miranda. Even those who are not involved in musical theatre and the performing arts are finding themselves intrigued by the musical representation of this man’s life. Although we’ve all fallen in love with … Continue reading The Countdown to “Hamilton” in Boston

Get Cultured on a College Budget

As any college student knows, an education doesn’t come cheap! It costs a lot of money to become a well educated and interesting person. So when opportunities to get cultured for a free or reduced cost fly by, you’ve got to grab them and hold on tight. That’s why every college student in the Boston area should know about these great perks from local museums. … Continue reading Get Cultured on a College Budget

The Role of the Boston Public Library in the 21st Century

The question “Where is your favorite spot in the city?” is a complete no-brainer for me. The answer will always be, “the Boston Public Library.” It has been there for me more than any sort of entity has been in the past three years (well, at least until nine o’clock). It’s where I spend my time, where I get my textbooks and where I go … Continue reading The Role of the Boston Public Library in the 21st Century

Learning the Forgotten History of Boston’s West End

When people think of neighborhoods in downtown Boston, they think of the North End, the South End, Chinatown and Beacon Hill. When I heard of the “West End” of Boston, I wasn’t even sure if it existed. Because it doesn’t. Of course, the area of land that is the West End still exists, but there is no longer a neighborhood. Instead, the space is home … Continue reading Learning the Forgotten History of Boston’s West End