How to Have No Free Time and Not Drown in Sadness

Lately, I have had no free time. By “lately,” I of course mean “since November, when I decided that combining going to school full-time with an internship and a job and some freelance copyediting was a good idea.”

Both because I am a glutton for punishment and the idea of quitting anything or truly letting anyone down gives me the sweats, I have not dropped any of these responsibilities. All of this means that something has got to give, and that something has been my free time, and in turn all of my hobbies, interests, and stupid research holes I spend four hours in.

Every once in a while, when I do find a precious, precious spot of free time, I have felt legitimate stress to use it to its very fullest. Over the past five months (and god help me how has it been only five months), these are some of the solutions I’ve found.

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Decision Making: Tips and Techniques to Improve Your Form

To some people, I may seem decisive. To others, they’ve probably never seen me set down a firm decision. Always yielding to the people around me, whether it be the cuisine for a dinner out with friends or a subject matter I didn’t know much about or have experience with. I wasn’t born decisive. And quite frankly, I don’t think anyone was. Either way, I’ve learned … Continue reading Decision Making: Tips and Techniques to Improve Your Form

The Internship Search Simplified

The deadlines for applying to summer internships are quickly approaching, but it’s hard enough to find them, let alone apply. So here’s a guide to the minefield of finding the perfect internship for this summer and beyond! Use Your School’s Resources One easy thing to do is check your email. If your major is anything like mine your the department sends you five emails a … Continue reading The Internship Search Simplified

The Residence Hall Brawl

Ever since I first visited Emerson my junior year of high school, I’ve been no stranger to the on-going conversations about the residence halls. I’ve heard students around campus talk about the suites in Piano Row, the social aspect of Little Building, the distance between Paramount and the rest of campus and the ovens in Colonial. While about half of Emerson’s students live off campus, … Continue reading The Residence Hall Brawl

How to Have a Great Interview

Finding a job is tough. You spend so much time tweaking your resume and cover letter so they stand out among the many other hopefuls you’re up against and you might have to apply to dozens of places before an application is noticed, and liked, by a potential employer. After getting over the excitement of a call back, it’s time to prepare for the interview. You … Continue reading How to Have a Great Interview