How to Have No Free Time and Not Drown in Sadness

Lately, I have had no free time. By “lately,” I of course mean “since November, when I decided that combining going to school full-time with an internship and a job and some freelance copyediting was a good idea.”

Both because I am a glutton for punishment and the idea of quitting anything or truly letting anyone down gives me the sweats, I have not dropped any of these responsibilities. All of this means that something has got to give, and that something has been my free time, and in turn all of my hobbies, interests, and stupid research holes I spend four hours in.

Every once in a while, when I do find a precious, precious spot of free time, I have felt legitimate stress to use it to its very fullest. Over the past five months (and god help me how has it been only five months), these are some of the solutions I’ve found.

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Fun and Cheap Adventures for Summer 2017

If you’re anything like me, you like trying new things and visiting new places. Even if you aren’t as inclined to branch out, summer is a great time to try new things and visit new places. New adventures don’t necessarily require lots of money and preparation, you can have a lot of fun in and around your hometown to spice up your summer and discover … Continue reading Fun and Cheap Adventures for Summer 2017

Working ‘Till College Do Us Part

When May is coming, all college students can think of is the potential for adventure, fun and sleep during their summer months. No more homework or projects or whatnots. Well, at least until your internship starts, you get hired at your summer job, and finding the time to split between your friends at home, from school, and all that family you missed out on during … Continue reading Working ‘Till College Do Us Part

Perks of Seeing a Movie the First Night

It was 7:00 on a Friday night. We were sitting among a crowd of people against the wall, anxiously waiting for them to let us in. We had been sitting there for an hour already, and were already halfway through the tub of popcorn we bought to share. It was the first night that Catching Fire was playing in theaters and I went with all … Continue reading Perks of Seeing a Movie the First Night

Date Ideas to Spark Up Your Summer

The summer is a perfect time for fun dates. So many opportunities arise that couples just can’t do during the chillier months. Especially after a long year of classes and work, the summer months allow couples to reignite the spark that may have been lost during the year by going out and taking advantage of these special activities. The ability to create the most memories is … Continue reading Date Ideas to Spark Up Your Summer

Sweet Treats for the 4th of July

One of my favorite internet pastimes is browsing through recipes, mostly because I love food, but also because eventually I would like to try some of those pinned recipes. This is especially fun to do right before a holiday, because the food gets even more creative. Whether you’re in charge of dessert this year, or, like me, you just like to look, here is a roundup … Continue reading Sweet Treats for the 4th of July