Common Ideas: A College Snapshot

One of the great things about going to school at Emerson is that my peers always seem to be working on their own personal projects. I know WLP majors who are self-published, actors who have gone out for Broadway audition, and VMA majors who are shooting films and web series. It’s inspiring to constantly be around creative people who are immersed in their own projects … Continue reading Common Ideas: A College Snapshot

The End of an Era: “The Hunger Games”

“Why do you like The Hunger Games so much?” It’s a question I’ve gotten multiple times, as well as the one asking why I’m emotional about it ending, and I’ve never fully known how to answer. My generation was the the age of Potterheads, filled with those who clutched to the large volumes of Harry Potter books and watched the movies as many times as … Continue reading The End of an Era: “The Hunger Games”