The Challenge of Being Female on the Internet

I had a friend request from myself.

Worse than the unsettling experience of receiving a friend request from you that you hadn’t sent was the fact that it wasn’t really surprising at all. Since, for the past week or two, I’d been occasionally contacted by a Goodreads account that was an exact copy of my own.

As someone who has discovered a love for rereading books I loved in childhood, I set a goal of rereading every Sarah Dessen book in 2018. As I finished another reread of the queen of middle school literature, I logged into Goodreads to update my review.

Before I did, I checked my notifications. And saw my own profile picture. My name, with the same lowercase E I use on my profiles.

“emma started following you.”

“emma commented on your review of The Moon and More.”

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Women’s March: An Exploration of Expression in Times of Distress

by Hayley Broderick and Amelia Wright










(left to right, top to bottom: Boston, MA; Boston, MA; Washington, D.C.; Washington D.C.)

After weeks of cloudy dismal skies, the sun finally shone through over the Boston Common. Pink hats covered the area in roaring support of women’s rights. After a hugely successful march in protest of the presidential election just months before, it seemed almost unreal that this march could be bigger than the one previous. Nearly 175,000 people congregated for this monumental event.


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Pill: A Feminist Black Comedy

Emerson students are always involved in many film productions throughout the semester, and honestly most of us are a little tired of seeing the crew calls and Kickstarter campaigns all over our Facebook newsfeeds.  However, there is one upcoming production, which you should definitely keep on your radar. Pill is a feminist black comedy about women’s reproductive rights and the lack of affordable birth control. … Continue reading Pill: A Feminist Black Comedy

A Not So Basic Dilemma

I’ll admit it, I’ve been guilty of using the “b” word myself, probably not the one you’re thinking of, but you have most likely used them together. I’m talking about the word basic, which these days seems to have more stigma around it than other notorious slang words. With it’s growing popularity, I can’t help but think the word “basic” is degrading towards women and I’d … Continue reading A Not So Basic Dilemma

10 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Feminist

Take a cue from feminist Ryan Gosling… please.

Let’s be honest – the word “feminist” freaks people out.

It’s often associated with radicalism and hostility. But my generation (’90s kids, All Growed Up) is changing that stereotype by broadening the definition of “feminist” to include pink-sparkle-loving fashionistas who can explain to you the theoretical roots of feminist theory over dinner, then dance to Katy Perry‘s “California Gurls” at the club the same night.

I’m not saying feminism is never radical, or even that it shouldn’t be. But lots of women who embrace the label have learned to reconcile it with the possibly-contradictory aspects of social life — especially dating.

Still nervously wondering what she’s really thinking? Here’s a cheat-sheet of ways to win over the foxy feminist in your life.

10. “Feminist” doesn’t mean “Hillary Clinton.” Quit picturing me in a pantsuit. Rest assured; there’s a 0% chance I’ll ever own one.

9. There’s a difference between feminism, the theory, and feminists, the people. So don’t you dare call me out on it when I’m reading radical girl-power publication B*tch Magazine while whining about my bad hair day. I’m allowed.

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