Five Cost-Effective Hacks to Elevate Your Style

I am certainly no Anna Wintour or Kim Kardashian. I’d rather spend my money on books and collectible Marvel superhero figures rather than expensive clothes and makeup.

Seriously. I even have a life-sized Baby Groot. It’s not as scary as it sounds, trust me.

But this isn’t a post about my unhealthy obsession with Marvel: It’s about how to take whatever money you have left over after you buy the necessities in life, and spend that money in thrifty ways to make it look like you actually didn’t choose between buying that new pair of shoes over a near-expired jar of peanut butter.

It’s no secret that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look like straight fire, but I do know the struggle of wasting money on cheap products that don’t end up working out. You keep buying $2 eyeliners hoping they’ll work out, but you still end up looking like Rocket Raccoon at the end of the day.

That’s right, two Marvel references in a row. Anyhow…

In my 19 years, I’ve gone through a whole lot of trial and error to figure out what’s the most cost-effective way to look like you spent a million bucks, without wasting a million bucks in the process. Here are my top five hacks for elevating your style in a budget-friendly way:

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Model For A Day, But Not Really

Photo by Alexis Metcalf

Lights, camera, action! That’s what it felt like when I had to strut through the stage this past Friday. E.B.O.N.I., Emerson College’s Black Organization with Natural Interest had its 2nd annual fashion show at the Greene Theater. Wait, let me backtrack for one minute because I didn’t just get on a stage and start walking. It was just something I did out on a whim, not knowing what I was getting myself into. This was a whole new experience for me.

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My Double Life as a Fashionista-Athlete

“Whoa I didn’t know you play soccer!” is a reaction I’m used to getting when people figure out that I play soccer too. My teammates and I always joke that I live a “double life”: fashionista by day, athlete by night. For those who know me well, you know that I would NEVER wear my soccer clothes to class for fun. Not that there’s anything … Continue reading My Double Life as a Fashionista-Athlete

The History of Curly Hair

Nowadays, luscious locks that spring from your scalp are sought after. But they weren’t always and even now, they’re not always appreciated. Let’s take a step back in time for a moment, to the 1500s. Just eight years earlier, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue and Henry VII was ruling over England and Wales with his wife Elizabeth of York, bringing peace to the two … Continue reading The History of Curly Hair

Surviving Festival Season: Concerts, Tours and All

You’ve waited for months, ever since you saw the lineup and qued up your computer in class to be the first to buy tickets. Congratulations, you’ve finally made it! The summer concert season is in full swing. A huge gathering of artists sharing their craft for appreciative audiences, what is more beautiful than that? Reaching for your wallet to purchase that CD or band tee … Continue reading Surviving Festival Season: Concerts, Tours and All

How To Transition Your Wardrobe For Spring

It’s that time of year again–though the bitter winds of winter may still be pushing us down Boylston, spring is right around the corner. Maybe it’s just me being optimistic, but in my head, March is synonymous with spring–and it’s only a blink away! That means the days of ski jackets and snow boots are almost over, and all of Boston can breathe a collective … Continue reading How To Transition Your Wardrobe For Spring

Fast Fashion: Who’s Really Paying the Price?

The brown paper bags are ubiquitous. It is impossible to walk down Washington Street or anywhere in the Downtown Crossing area without seeing them. They can be the size of a lunch bag or the size of a suitcase; either way, the hands they are held in swing them back and forth, content with their purchases. I’m talking about the Primark bags. Since Primark opened … Continue reading Fast Fashion: Who’s Really Paying the Price?

An Ode to the Mustard Yellow Scarf

Fall brings a lot of changes as a season: the leaves, the chilling temperatures and more unattainably-priced fashion trends no one can afford. This year, I stepped out of my style comfort zone in one simple way: by purchasing a mustard yellow scarf. If I were to categorize my style, I would say it’s a healthy mix of norm core and preppy: solid colored clothing, classic A-Line … Continue reading An Ode to the Mustard Yellow Scarf