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Meet our Fall 2018 Bloggers!

Interested in contributing as a guest blogger? Submit blog post ideas to victoria_stuewe@emerson.edu.





Blogger: Lily Doolin is a freshman Writing, Literature and Publishing major at Emerson College. She’s from Lynn, Massachusetts, which is right next to historic Salem (no, she’s not a witch, though she is a Slytherin). While her dream job is to be a Jedi, she’ll settle for being an author, or an Avenger. She is so excited to share her posts with you!







Blogger: Emma Goodwin is a book nerd, cookie addict, and nefarious plotter who always writes in the same tone. She prefers to write about what she best likes doing: reading, eating desserts, and complaining.






Blogger: Zenebou Sylla



Blog Editor: Victoria Stuewe is a junior IDIP major at Emerson College. She created her own major by combining Journalism and Media Studies into one called Entertainment Journalism. Coming from sunny Southern California to Boston was a drastic change, but she doesn’t regret it in the slightest. Movies, classic rock, books, and coffee are her four passions in life and her love for them will never cease. Her goal and dream job is to be a journalist at an entertainment magazine so that she can write movies for a career. She is also the Movies Editor at Emerson’s Emertainment Monthly.



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