Four Common Bad Date Scenarios (And how to deal with them)

Sometimes you and a date just don’t have much to talk about.


Either you don’t know anything about your date yet, or you’ve just crossed into uncharted territory with an old friend. Either way, dates are weird at first. Brace yourself for long pauses, awkward laughter, and remarks about the weather.

Severity: Mild. Don’t give up, you can totally turn this around.

  • Sip your coffee or eat your food slowly and deliberately. Once it’s gone, it will be exponentially more obvious that you don’t have anything to say.
  • Ask basic, but secretly important questions that you can hyper-analyze later. Ideas: What’s your favorite color? Cats or dogs? M&Ms or Skittles? Which Adam Sandler movie is your favorite? (That last one will turn up some deal breakers. Anything that’s not 50 First Dates is pretty much a red flag.)
  • If you’ve just met, get your date to tell you the information you already know from Googling them so you can’t slip up later.


Uh oh. You thought you were going to get a laugh and instead you got a blank stare. How were you supposed to know your date’s cousin died in a freak bear attack? What to do, what to do? Continue reading “Four Common Bad Date Scenarios (And how to deal with them)”

10 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Feminist

Take a cue from feminist Ryan Gosling… please.

Let’s be honest – the word “feminist” freaks people out.

It’s often associated with radicalism and hostility. But my generation (’90s kids, All Growed Up) is changing that stereotype by broadening the definition of “feminist” to include pink-sparkle-loving fashionistas who can explain to you the theoretical roots of feminist theory over dinner, then dance to Katy Perry‘s “California Gurls” at the club the same night.

I’m not saying feminism is never radical, or even that it shouldn’t be. But lots of women who embrace the label have learned to reconcile it with the possibly-contradictory aspects of social life — especially dating.

Still nervously wondering what she’s really thinking? Here’s a cheat-sheet of ways to win over the foxy feminist in your life.

10. “Feminist” doesn’t mean “Hillary Clinton.” Quit picturing me in a pantsuit. Rest assured; there’s a 0% chance I’ll ever own one.

9. There’s a difference between feminism, the theory, and feminists, the people. So don’t you dare call me out on it when I’m reading radical girl-power publication B*tch Magazine while whining about my bad hair day. I’m allowed.

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What Does Your Butt Shape Say About You? (And Other Things I’ll Never Ask You to Read)

Dear Reader, Welcome to Atlas Magazine’s brand-sparkly-new relationship column, a real-life advice blog that will never run headlines that sound like this: Perky, Plump or Prosthetic: What does your butt shape say about you? Ignition: Study shows guys want you to make car noises in bed Ke$ha’s Top 12 Tips for Seducing Bearded Humans Why? Because relationships are complex. They’re colorful. They warrant a lot … Continue reading What Does Your Butt Shape Say About You? (And Other Things I’ll Never Ask You to Read)