Craig Alan on Newbury

Nestled between the luxury stores of Newbury Street, sits a tiny contemporary art gallery no bigger than the elevator bay of my dorm building. Directed by Liz Novick, Newbury Fine Arts is a beautiful gem hidden amongst the high-end and commercialized stores of Boston’s historic shopping street.

Fruits in Decay at Harvard

People usually try to preserve fruits in a ripe, fresh state; this way the fruit will last longer and can be enjoyed later on. Rudolph Blaschka thought differently and decided to preserve fruit in its states of decay; this obviously doesn’t keep the fruit for eating, but it does make an interesting exhibit.

Plant Friends

If you have any form of social media, you have surely seen the numerous amounts of cacti and succulents that have been blowing up every feed.

Sam Fish and EXIT: DTX – What Next?

It was my second day back in Boston, and I was walking back to my dorm from Downtown Crossing. As I got to the edges, the Paramount sign looming ahead, I turned and noticed EXIT. I had grown up in a town where stores turned over frequently, so seeing something new wasn’t odd—especially in a…