Aisling Organics: A Clean Beauty Movement

Aisling Organics is a cosmetics company that started with the simple mission to create make-up products made from natural ingredients instead of chemicals and toxins. “Aisling” means vision in Irish and it is founder and CEO, Krysta Lewis’ vision that everyone is using the cleanest products possible. After finding out that most major makeup brands rely on chemicals and other harmful toxins to create their … Continue reading Aisling Organics: A Clean Beauty Movement

The New Mall Culture (And Tips for Surviving It)

Changing fashion trends and the rise of online retailers has changed malls from the malls we grew up seeing depicted in 90s teen movies. Despite major rebranding efforts from wildly popular malls from the 90s and 00s, stores like Delia’s and Abercrombie & Fitch seem to have missed the mark with teens today. This year, Delia’s closed all its stores and Gap announced its plans … Continue reading The New Mall Culture (And Tips for Surviving It)

Fair Trade Companies: Buying Ethical Brands

Today a lot of millennials  are concerned about buying organic and all natural products for health and environmental reasons, however another component to consider when shopping is if products are fair trade certified. Fair trade by definition means that the supplies and goods used to create a product are made in a developing country and the producer of the supply or good is paid fairly. … Continue reading Fair Trade Companies: Buying Ethical Brands

Style Guide for Summer Internships

Now that the semester is over, a lot of us are transitioning from collegiate life into the professional world of internships. While in the college setting casual clothing is not only acceptable but the norm,  even the unpaid professional world has certain dress code expectations. From experience figuring out what to wear as an intern to working in store specializing in women’s professional clothing, I have … Continue reading Style Guide for Summer Internships

Gentrification in Boston

Gentrification is not a new fad, in fact it has been ongoing for decades. Sometimes it takes a more lighthearted form like when my mother complains that a Chipotle has replaced an old record store in Harvard Square or when multiple organic juice bars begin popping up in Chinatown. However, beyond its novelty, it has had much larger ramifications on the Boston community. Gentrification is … Continue reading Gentrification in Boston

Pill: A Feminist Black Comedy

Emerson students are always involved in many film productions throughout the semester, and honestly most of us are a little tired of seeing the crew calls and Kickstarter campaigns all over our Facebook newsfeeds.  However, there is one upcoming production, which you should definitely keep on your radar. Pill is a feminist black comedy about women’s reproductive rights and the lack of affordable birth control. … Continue reading Pill: A Feminist Black Comedy

College Cleaning Hacks!

Spring is finally here and with the tepid weather and snowless streets comes spring cleaning. Most college students can attest to the fact that dorms can become very unclean very fast. In suites where students are responsible for cleaning their own bathroom and common areas, a strong cleaning routine is essential. Living in a dorm for the past two years I have picked up a … Continue reading College Cleaning Hacks!

Taxing Film Out of Massachusetts

If you have been watching the local news lately or at least following the local news on Twitter, you probably know that Governor Charlie Baker’s first budget proposal while in office is to get rid of the Massachusetts film and TV tax credit. Massachusetts gives film and TV productions spending over $50,000, with tax incentives such as a 25 percent production credit and a 25 … Continue reading Taxing Film Out of Massachusetts

iZombie: The CW’s Not So Cliche Zombie Creation

On Tuesday March 17th, CW aired a show that is the answer to the prayers of Veronica Mars fans everywhere. iZombie Rob Thomas’s latest TV project, which he is the creator and is an executive producer of, stars Rose McIver. The show centers around Liv, a former over-achieving aspiring surgeon, who wakes up a zombie after a zombie outbreak happens at a party she is at. … Continue reading iZombie: The CW’s Not So Cliche Zombie Creation