What It’s Like To Have Anxiety

It’s like a shiver, growing in strength as it climbs from the tips of your fingers to the top of your shoulders. A fizzing of carbonated drinks rumbling right under the surface, with every pop follows a shiver. All you can do is imagine your bed and comfortable blanket and sweatshirt waiting for you at home, mere miles and hours in your future. “You can get through this,” you tell yourself. “Just keep going,” you say as you move through your necessary operations. You look at everyone else, envy building within your bones that they seem to be at ease. Maybe they’re nervous about an impending job interview or national test their future relies on, but their skin hasn’t broken out in cold telltale hives of your anxieties.

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Working ‘Till College Do Us Part

When May is coming, all college students can think of is the potential for adventure, fun and sleep during their summer months. No more homework or projects or whatnots. Well, at least until your internship starts, you get hired at your summer job, and finding the time to split between your friends at home, from school, and all that family you missed out on during … Continue reading Working ‘Till College Do Us Part

The History of Curly Hair

Nowadays, luscious locks that spring from your scalp are sought after. But they weren’t always and even now, they’re not always appreciated. Let’s take a step back in time for a moment, to the 1500s. Just eight years earlier, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue and Henry VII was ruling over England and Wales with his wife Elizabeth of York, bringing peace to the two … Continue reading The History of Curly Hair

Surviving Festival Season: Concerts, Tours and All

You’ve waited for months, ever since you saw the lineup and qued up your computer in class to be the first to buy tickets. Congratulations, you’ve finally made it! The summer concert season is in full swing. A huge gathering of artists sharing their craft for appreciative audiences, what is more beautiful than that? Reaching for your wallet to purchase that CD or band tee … Continue reading Surviving Festival Season: Concerts, Tours and All

Decision Making: Tips and Techniques to Improve Your Form

To some people, I may seem decisive. To others, they’ve probably never seen me set down a firm decision. Always yielding to the people around me, whether it be the cuisine for a dinner out with friends or a subject matter I didn’t know much about or have experience with. I wasn’t born decisive. And quite frankly, I don’t think anyone was. Either way, I’ve learned … Continue reading Decision Making: Tips and Techniques to Improve Your Form

Symptoms of a Tattoo Obsession and How To Treat It

Symptoms: Stalking Tattoo Artists (STA) With social media and the art of networking, it’s not too hard to find tattoo artists or their work online. Sooner or later, your Instagram and Twitter feed becomes filled with inked limbs. If your feed is at least one half about tattoos and specific artists, then you may be stalking. If you have designs or specific artists in mind … Continue reading Symptoms of a Tattoo Obsession and How To Treat It

Picking Your Candidate: The Guide to Political Romance

Elections are a form of declaration; a chance for the country to proudly proclaim, “This is what we want, this is what we need.” However, we can only proudly proclaim that as a nation when everyone within our borders has put forth their own opinions. To do so requires some new legislation and education. If we want to tackle these education issues, we need to learn … Continue reading Picking Your Candidate: The Guide to Political Romance