Campus Shoot with Sunsetta – Behind the Scenes

“This shoot is for our campus section, we thought what better way to represent Emerson than with a student band”

– Emma Cox, Creative Director

“To prepare, we had to know what instruments the band was bringing and what they were wearing. From there we were able to tweak their outfits and think of poses and layout for the shoot beforehand. We then decided to shoot each member of the band individually, in twos, and then as a whole.”

-Grace Cosgrove, Editorial Director

“It is a shoot centered around the musicians and nature. A lot of the photos I tried to emulate had kind of 80’s music magazine vibe. Once the nature illustrations are incorporated it kind of becomes its own thing. “

-Somari Davis, Photographer

“Our art team is going to go into the final shots and add some surreal unearthly edits .”

-Emma Cox, Creative Director

“It was a pleasure to work with a great group of people. They were able to have fun with the shoot, and it made all of us working have a great time too. The energy from the group is amazing, and their music is super cool too!”

– Joseph Cuccio, BTS Photographer

Photos by Joseph Cuccio

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