Health Shoot – Behind the Scenes

Filmed and Edited by Elaine Tantra

Unearthly Facts:

Fire – Reina

Fashion industry’s carbon impact bigger than airline industry’s

sunlight beamed on the earth for 1 hour could meet world’s energy demands for an entire year

Air – Chloe

In 2014, approximately 181 million metric tons of carbon dioxide were eliminated thanks to recycling and composting of various materials.

Just 1 wind turbine can generate enough electricity to power 1,400 homes

Water – Hannah

Globally, water scarcity already affects four out of every 10 people

Renewable Energy creates 5 times more jobs than fossil fuels

Earth – Jay

In the last 100 years, more than 50 species of animals have died off because of our impact on the globe

The US is responsible for 25% of global emissions

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