5 Halloween Looks That Will Take You Back to Your Childhood

In recent years, we’ve seen a lot of nostalgic looks inspired by iconic cartoons. It takes us right back to our younger years with our eyes glued to the TV humming along to the theme song of The Proud Family, Rugrats, or Totally Spy. Bringing our cartoonish characters to life is a unique way to celebrate Halloween, but do we even have the makeup for it? Here are some looks and tips that you emulate this year all from the comfort of your makeup bag. 

Bratz Doll 

Whether it was watching movies or playing with dolls, Bratz dolls were always my favorite. Each doll had its own specific style, makeup, and hair that never looked bland or one-dimensional. This past year the #BratzDollChallenge took flight where influencers and makeup artist’s alike recreated different Bratz doll looks we’ve all come to know and love since we were nine. Different takes on the look range from looking like an actual doll to a subtle inspiration. Here, I’m opting for the ladder since it’s very doable even with the most basic makeup collection. 

Goals: The key features here are the eyes and lips. 

For Eyes: We’re going for a monochromatic eye look that sticks to different shades of the same color. You’ll want to pat your eyelid with a bright, almost pastel-like shade beneath your crease. I recommend priming your eyes with concealer so the color can POP. Then, add a cat wing (if you can) to get a doll-eye effect. I decided to little hashes on the top and bottom outer corners of the lash line to simulate the exaggerated lashes Bratz often wears. Coat your eyes with mascara and voila, you’re done! For my more adventurous readers, you can also create a smokey eye effect with a darker shade than your base color and add some falsies. 

For Lips: A signature Bratz Doll look always has the puffy, pouty lips. While it may look daunting and could go easily over-the-top, dramatically overlining your lips is what we’re going for! First, you’ll start applying your lipstick of choice. Depending on the doll, your lipstick results will vary but for the classic look, we’ll be going for a light-to-medium shade of pink. Once you’ve applied it, take a red or dark-pink lip pencil and begin overlining your lips. Since the lip liner on Bratz dolls looks like a thin, singular-line try your best to imitate that. If not, no worries! You’ll have a pouty lip regardless. 


Shego from Kim Possible

It’s hard to pick my favorite character in any cartoon show but honestly, Kim Possible was one of those shows where I immediately requested to be them for every Halloween: Shego. Her impact on the show has clearly stayed timeless especially with her villainous, dark look that everyone could recognize. Her look was one of my favorites to do one this list since it requires the least amount of products. 

Photos by Alexis Metcalf

Goals: The key features here are the eyes and the lips. 

For Eyes: We’re going to seek inspiration from Shego’s powers (green and black firebolts) for this part. Like the Bratz Doll look, we’re gonna stick with a monochromatic eyeshadow palette—specifically, green. Pat the lightest green shade around the base of your eyelid while remaining below the crease. Then take some black liquid eyeliner (I recommend E.l.f’s Cosmetic Liquid Eyeliner) and begin creating little dots around the outer corner of your eye where your winged-liner would usually go. Try to make the dots different in size and add as many as you please. If you’re willing to go a little further, line your bottom and top lash line with charcoal/black eyeliner. Smudge the liner with a fluffy eye brush and add mascara to complete the look. 

For Lips: This will definitely look a little funny doing this step, but I promise the funky process is worth a try. To start off this look, apply a thin layer of chapstick. Seriously, your lips will fall off if you don’t. Begin applying concealer mixed with your foundation to your bottom lip until it matches your face color. Once applied, set the concealer with translucent powder (I recommend NYX Profession Makeup HD Finishing Powder). You may have to repeat this step depending on the coverage your concealer and foundation offers, but it shouldn’t repeat more than three times. After setting your last application with powder, begin lining your lips with a dusty rose color or a liner that best matches your lip color. This will help bring out your lip shape while staying true to character. To finish it off apply black lipstick to your top lip. If you have a strong cupid’s bow, try to round out the peaks to achieve a cartoonish look. If you mess up, don’t worry. Wipe the mistakes off with makeup remover and conceal. For the last step add clear lip gloss to the bottom lip and you’re all set!

Raven from Teen Titans

If I could’ve had any superpower in the world, my nine-year-old (and twenty-year-old) self would go for Raven’s. Our gothic, powerful heroine has probably one of the most interesting looks out of our bunch and I, a makeup connoisseur, had to step out of my comfort zone. This is a fun look if you’re looking to step outside the box this Halloween. 



Photos by Alexis Metcalf

Goals: The key features are the eyes and forehead. 

For eyes: Raven is quite literally grey when it comes to skin tone. To achieve this effect I used a lilac eyeshadow creme with a pasty formula and blended the color around the eye area including the eyelids, the under eyes, and part of the temples. It’s best to blend the creme shadow with your fingers so the warmth can make blending more seamless (I recommend NYX Professional Makeup VIVID BRIGHTS in the shade Sugar Rush). Take a darker shade of purple and blend the color into the crease with a fluffy, tapered brush to create depth. Once smoked out, take a charcoal shade onto an angled brush and smudge your lash line. You’ll want to do the same to the bottom lash line so the eyes have a rugged, grungy look. Top it off with mascara on your lashes and you’re all set to save the world! 

For the forehead: To recreate Raven’s diamond-shaped demon mark, you’ll need that angled brush once again (clean it first though with rubbing alcohol!). I used matte liquid red lipstick and dipped the brush into the consistency little by little. Drawing an outline of the shape is the easiest part, but make sure to create an even layer each time you color it in! 

Roxanne from A Goofy Movie

She’s definitely an underrated character, but if you’re in a rush and looking for a last-minute Halloween look—this is for you! Other than her nose, Roxanne’s features are very simple and plain so a natural beat will work. 

Photos by Alexis Metcalf

Goals: The key features are the nose. 

For the nose: To start off, grab a lip liner that’s close to your actual lip color. Most natural/neutral shades have complimentary earthy tones that will help bring out the dark chocolate eyeshadow we’ll be using later on. You’ll need this lip pencil to outline a small circle around the “button” or tip of your nose. Once you’ve stenciled out an outline, begin to fill in the circle. This will act as a base when we pack on the shadow which is the next step! Take a small, preferably flat brush and set the lip liner with dark brown eyeshadow. Then, boom! You’re done! 


Coraline Jones/Coraline’s Other Mother Hybrid from Coraline

Now admittedly, I may have been traumatized by this movie when my dad rented thinking it was a friendly kids movie. However, it will always stand as one of my favorite scary movies to watch on Halloween. If you have a spare button laying around for no reason, then this look is for you! As a preface, we’re going to be focusing on Coraline’s “Other Mother” dark look.  

Photos by Alexis Metcalf

Goals: The key features here are the lips, cheeks, and eyes. 

For the lips: We’re going for a Cheshire smile topped with black lipstick. To start off, we’re going to apply the lipstick on half of our lips. Like the Shego look, if you go a little outside the lines it’s easily fixed with concealer! Then, create a sharp point on the outer corner of your mouth with a small angled brush. 

For the eyes: I wanted to create a bold dark eyeshadow look that casts a shadow where the button is placed. To do this, you’ll want to take a fluffy brush and coat your eyes with black eyeshadow. To soften the edges, I used a mixture of dark blue and grey eyeshadow. It’s best to cover a larger area of your eye than normal so when the button is glued on (with eyelash glue), it will emulate an overcast effect. 

For the cheeks: Use a small angled brush and begin making little strokes down your cheeks. Avoid the jawline/contour area for when we chisel out a skeletal carving the Other Mother often appears in. The strokes are meant to resemble veiny, lighting-strike like skin. Continue this process until you run out of the room and all that’s left is the jawline area. Carve out the jawline as you would if you were putting on bronzer. The only difference is that you’ll taper out the chin area until it looks “hollowed out.”

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