The Types of People You Meet At Emerson

Whenever you set foot on any campus, work environment, or new setting, there is always different groups of people you end up meeting or seeing. Here at Emerson College, we are surrounded by a various unique groups, styles, cultures, and different students. Especially being one of the largest arts and communication schools in the country, there is just something different about the people you meet at Emerson. Whether that’s groups within your major or even the fashionistas on campus, there is a large distinctive and eccentric of faces around here on Emerson’s campus, but I’m just going to name a few.

Theater/Musical/Film Creators  

Arts at Emerson is a huge thing, so you have those invested in watching movies, films, and musical and those who are the actual VMA majors who know a lot about film, theater, and framework of camera angles and so much more. Considering that Emerson has about 5 theaters as a part of its Boston campus, that just gives it away as to what goes down here at this school. We have those aspiring to be part of production teams and those wanting to be on stage. If you walk on campus, there’s about a bunch of times where you’re running into someone filming something for class or the own individual projects. You have plenty of students with their own YouTube channels and many who have invested in a camera of some sort to produce any kind of content.


The Fashionistas

When I say that coming to Emerson is sometimes like entering Project Runway, America’s Got Talent or even RuPaul’s Drag Race. believe it! I feel like I had to up my game and style in so many ways. You have the lovely thrifters where they know how to get in style for less, the high-fashion branders who own everything from Balenciaga’s, Off-white belts, and just the trendiest items, and it even seems like Emerson students also have their own particular styles whether that’s mom jeans, your Fila’s, and anything that screams unique, colorful, and different. But it’s the way people express themselves here and everyone doesn’t just dress to impress but to show off a part of their character and the vibe they are giving off.   


The Fans

First off, Massachusetts is a gigantic sports town. The fans here at hard-core. It’s like it runs in their veins here, but also Emerson does too. Not only with sports teams, but you have Marvel fandoms, movie fanatics, fanfiction feens, and the list goes on. Every day, I feel like I hear some talking about the new Avengers movie or a parade happening to celebrate the sports teams. I don’t think I have ever witnessed so many fandoms in one central area besides a convention, but that’s Emerson for ya! It doesn’t matter if your an Edward or Jacob fan from Twilight, you and your friends will clash. I’m just kidding, but there is always a topic in the air about did you see this new movie or what did you think about the last edition of the game?


The Quiet Ones

Many like me is what I would categorize as one of the quiet ones. But these are just a few among many, who just like to carry on with their day and keep it simple. The interesting part though is that here at Emerson when you meet some of the quiet ones even the ones starting out in journalism, you may be surprised that they have a lot of thoughtful and fascinating ideas floating in their brains. You may just develop a new friendship and find out that later in the friendship they have broken out of their shell. Many are simply funny without you even knowing it. Just because we have some quiet folks here at Emerson, don’t be shocked when they voice their opinions and knowledge.


The Dreamers

Last of all, I believe all Emerson are dreamers, but not in the way you think. Everyone here at Emerson may not always know where exactly they want to go or what category they can put themselves in, but that we have endless thoughts and imaginations about the endless possibilities. We don’t try to only fit in one position, but every day we are doing something whether that’s writing for the school’s magazine, attending crew calls, auditioning for roles, doing standup, reporting news, or just everything and all the above.  I think that we all share in common that we want to flourish as an artist, a creator, or manager somehow and somewhere. We are students chasing our dreams, but also taking the steps to achieve that dream.

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