My Startup in YouTube Again

Every weekend as a teenager, I would stay at home and watch YouTube videos hours at an end. I was never bored and there would be times that I would act if I was on camera saying, “I hope you guys liked my video so make sure you like, comment, and subscribe!” I always imagined how life would be like having a YouTube channel, going to VidCon which I still haven’t achieved yet, and doing meet and greets. I wanted my own channel so bad!

Ever since I was 14 years old, I wanted to create a YouTube channel because at the time that was one of my passions and dreams that I had at the top of my list and with a hard “No” rejection from my mom, I turned around and thought that “Well, I guess that’s it for me.” For some reason, as I went onto high school and entered college, I’ve always kept in the back on my mind that I will create my channel one day and live up my YouTube dreams.

So I did exactly that and, starting in December of my senior year in high school, I made my first vlog post under the channel name, Basic Oreo. It started out with some of my friends daring me to do it because I mentioned to them before about wanting to create a YouTube channel. Ever since then I just randomly walked into my class and started recording what I was doing throughout the school day. I used my phone at first until I had little storage left so then I began using an old Fujifilm camera that was actually my younger sisters’.

Now that was short lived. People in my school at the time started figuring out that I had a channel and would ask where could they find my posts, but I was too shy to air it all out, so I kept it between my close friends and classmates and I only had them featured in the vlogs. But all of sudden due to a low budget and my broken computer at the time, Basic Oreo was officially down. I’ve only been able to post 2 videos to my channel and it was over, just like that!

Moving on to college now, I finally got a Macbook Pro and all I needed was a camera — but not just any camera. I wanted a Canon G7 X, but that was too expensive for my college budget. So I noted that I could at least afford a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX80 because it still had the flip screen that I really wanted and it was way cheaper to buy and that’s exactly what I got as a birthday present to myself during the second semester of my freshman year.

In between all of this, when I went home for winter break, I researched and looked up a bunch of videos on how I wanted to recreate my intro because it was simply outdated. When I went back home for Spring Break, I actually created my intro using the apps FilmoraGo and Noizz on my phone, which was then transferred into iMovie for some final adjustments. I made sure I played around with iMovie and Final Cut Pro to learn some editing skills. So, after Spring Break, I created my outro on Canva based around a cartoon sketch of me that I made years ago with playful color schemes. Recently, I have just uploaded my first vlog in college about one year ago from my first post.

I don’t know exactly what I want to feature in my channel, but I am starting out with vlogs based around my college experience and thinking of including mukbangs, challenges, and probably some skits in the future. All these inspirations come some of my favorite YouTubers like Denzel Dion, HeyParis, Simplynessa15, TroyceTV, and many more.

Currently, I am still figuring a few tweaks and how being a creator of this whole YouTube platform thing works out, but all I can say is make sure you like, comment, and subscribe to my channel at Basic Oreo and be sure to check it out. (Don’t you just love it when YouTubers give themselves a little shameless plug!)

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