Model For A Day, But Not Really

Photo by Alexis Metcalf

Lights, camera, action! That’s what it felt like when I had to strut through the stage this past Friday. E.B.O.N.I., Emerson College’s Black Organization with Natural Interest had its 2nd annual fashion show at the Greene Theater. Wait, let me backtrack for one minute because I didn’t just get on a stage and start walking. It was just something I did out on a whim, not knowing what I was getting myself into. This was a whole new experience for me.

Nov. 3, 2018 7-10:30pm

It all started out with an audition. I decided to try out something new because growing up, I imagined modeling or doing something with fashion and that’s all thanks to America’s Next Top Model. The last time I remember auditioning for anything was my 8th grade talent show and let’s just say my peers back in highschool will never let me forget it. I was walking into a dance room surrounded by mirrored walls, with a piano in the corner, and a camera set up as soon as you walk in. In this moment, I thought “Whyyyyyy?” So I slipped on a pair of heels and followed instructions of the walks we had to model, but of course with our own flair to it. With no prior experience and no practice, I just strutted the best I could. Legs, legs, arms, and I just had to body it all with the face. Leaving the audition room, I just hoped that I made it and I just remember asking my friend who came to the audition with me, how I did.   


Nov. 13, 2018 8:19am

This is day that I received the email and saw that I made it in. Beyond excited was what I was, I couldn’t believe what I was going to do. I was going to model at a college fashion show and with that included the rehearsal times and requirements such as headshots.


Dec. 7th, 2018 10-12pm

I had to come in for callbacks for my first session in preparation for the fashion show. The attire was all black. Other models as well as myself had to give in contact information, schedule times of our classes, and fitting. I tried on various T-shirts to figure out my sizing for the designs that I would wear for the show. My day ended with a conversation about what to expect for the upcoming rehearsals and the times we would have to meet.


Jan. 25, 2019 12-3:30pm

It was the first official practice and I had just newly became 19, just three days ago. It was just about a week after winter break, so now we had just a little less than a month to prepare for the show. This is where we practiced the run through, but not all the models were present. It was brief run through of who was suppose to model and some of the walks. I was quaking.


Feb. 1st, 2019 6-10pm

I know you saw the time and no we didn’t actually rehearse from 6-10 pm, but from 6-9pm. We did have breaks, but I guess that’s a day in the life of a college model. It was a Friday night and the show was coming up. We actually did multiple run throughs of the specific walks we were doing, finalizing the partners who we walking with, our individual walks, learning our walks from the layouts into reality, and the finale all of the models in just this one night. As we practiced over and over, we made sure to get our formations down and the walks we had to do. It may have been a long night, but bonds of friendships were created and til’ this day, I have conversations with some of the models who are also Emerson students as well. There was also lots of laughing, chatting, hype, and dancing going on as well in this mixture.


Feb. 9, 2019 3-6pm

Now I practiced for the last and final time before the show next week. Nerves, last minute changes and ideas flew around, and we practiced our final walks. I was pumped with lots of energy as well everyone else, but after a long week and a long practice ahead of us, we were ready to officially finalize the walks, who was modeling due to those who could not make the commitment, and meeting the designers. After practicing our fiercest catwalks in a small classroom that limited space, some models were able to try on some of the designs that the designers have created. Lastly, we had a rundown of the schedule for the day of the show, where models receiving makeup had to arrive at least at 2:30-3pm, while everyone else arrived at 4pm. We went through what looks we were going to wear by certain designers and the location where we had to meet up as well as looking out for a talent release form that would come in an email with information about everything else. Just now it was a hectic day and I was ultimately energized, but exhausted at the same time.


Feb. 15, 2019 2:30-10pm

It was finally the day of the show and I was so excited. This day I had to leave my last class early and when I mean I left 10 minutes into class time. I arrived at a small classroom in the Walker building at Emerson and waited as other models were getting glammed up by makeup artists and having their hair braided in preparation for the show. Finally, I got my face beat and then proceeded to do my hair which revealed my ombre gray hair from the hair wax that I had put in the night before. Lots of conversation and trips of male and female models exited and entered the room. Time went by and it was now about 5 o’clock, by this time I ran a trip to go get food with some of the models and others proceeded to get their makeup and outfits together. Everyone was know running back and forth, practicing their walks in the halls, making last minute runs, making sure that the designers and models who were not Emerson students were signed in to enter the building, and changing into our first set of attire. Mostly everyone was ready by the 7, which is when the show was set to start. Still by 7:40, we were now backstage going over the entrance and exits and where to start our walks because all of our rehearsals were never in the Greene theater. Some of us started panicking, asking questions, and some of us were just simply confused. But all that was over now, the show began as the music boomed through the theater. Models began to hit the stage and it was that very moment where I had to wow the crowd. I strutted to the beat of the music, but I was so nervous that I skipped one of the models that was suppose to go before me, too bad the crowd didn’t realize. The show must go on, I went through 3 outfit changes and it was the quickest that I had ever changed in my life. I couldn’t even change this fast 5 minutes before my 8am! In the crowd, I could hear my friends cheering me on with the bright lights flashing my eyes and cameras following my every move. It was now time for the finale, and all the models joined in a huge circle that showed off either their own personal outfits or outfits by the designers. It was at last, OVER! Everyone felt accomplished and excited that we ran through the halls that connected the Walker and Tufte building. Everyone changed back to their own outfits, packed up, and called it a night. What a DAY!

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