At Last, the Break From College

At last, finally, you can catch a break from college. Finals week is over and all you have to is pack up and escape the college reality. This time, you have a whole month! What? Yes, I said the whole month. You finally have the time to sleep in from all those 8 a.m. classes and endless group projects. The only thing you have to type into Google is what you would like to buy online and all the weird question that wonder in your mind. Here’s the tough thing, while you’re on break everyone else around you may not, so here’s just a few things to keep you busy during this break from college.

Get a Job

Photo by HendersonStateU on Flickr

If you want some money in your pocket, I think it’s time for a job! Yes I know, I know. Now even though you just got off from doing work and you finally have a break. Think about the extra money you could earn before you go to campus. You can save up the few weeks before Christmas and have money to buy some presents. You can do jobs like babysitting, dog walking, your old high school job, or even a seasonal job at a department store or local supermarket. It may not be the most exciting idea at the time, but maybe try to work the hours everyone else is so that when you get off you’re available to hang out with the rest of your friends and family when they’re not busy. Probably, it may even pay off part of your tuition. Getting a job is a productive way to keep busy and earn some cash.       

Get Active                                                                                                          

Photo by Dizzy Reyes on Flickr

Today’s the day to get active. Being cooped up in your dorm and eating late night snacks, you may have found yourself lacking some fitness or just some motivation after a tough semester. Probably you find that you have more time to go outside, get some fresh air, and take a walk through your neighborhood. Finals week may have driven you off the path of your daily routine and since you have this long winter break, now is the time you can get back to it. This break may just be a way to incorporate some new skills of training and you can finally try out some of the workouts on YouTube or Pinterest that you have been saving.

Start a New Hobby

Photo by T G on Flickr

Now you may have a lot of time on your hands around this season and you may not know what to do. You can start doing arts and crafts or even start a YouTube channel. Try starting up a business for your future career or make lists about what you want to achieve in the future. So much time on your hands and without any assignments, projects, essays, or extracurriculars, you don’t want to feel stuck or lost because sooner or later you will have to go back on campus. Try to keep yourself occupied so that when you go back to your old school routine, you are not in the downward slump of not being productive. Small simple tasks are just ways to keep you on an effective cycle once you come from a long restful break.

Quality Time

Photo by brantly on Flickr

Don’t forget to hang out with your friends and family. Being away for a couple months, may have not allowed you to keep in contact with them as much as you would’ve before. It’s time that you catch up and just talk about what’s been going on while you were away and what they have been to. Many of your friends are probably back home or in town and now you are able to schedule a time in person to catch up. You can grab a bite to eat with your folks and even endure on various activities for this holiday season. There are also a few holiday activities out there that you and your group can enjoy such as ice skating. This time you won’t have to rush and miss out on plans, but have time to live in the moment.


Take this time to enjoy your long winter break from college. As finals week comes to an end, you have plenty of time to now think about what you will being doing with all this free time on your hands.

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