Things To Do During Christmas in College

Being in college only allows you to get out more during the Christmas spirit. It’s time to take a break during this winter season and get out with your friends who are also stuck in their dorm rooms. With more freedom, you can explore the Christmas lights during throughout the night and plan Christmas festivities during the weekends. Here a just a few things that you can do during this Christmas time while in college:

Watch Christmas Movies

There’s nothing better than getting a group of people together to watch a movie, specifically Christmas movies. You can gather a group of your friends, old and new, to create some bonding time. You can even grab a couple from your floor to make new friends. There’s a bunch of classics and choices to choose from when it comes to the holidays such as Elf, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and so many more. While a group of my friends and I watched Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas we enjoyed some candy canes, some popcorn, and topped it off with some eggnog, only if that’s your specialty.


Get Christmas Crafty

Some of my friends got together and decorated our own personalized stockings. With some stockings from Party City and glitter glue from CVS, we glitterized our names and added on some Christmas themed symbols. We also made paper snowflakes that covered the windows of our Christmas themed suite. You can decorate stockings, make ornaments, and even little makeshift snowmen to get into the Christmas spirit. When dealing with crafts, it allows everyone to get creative and productive for the holidays.


Make Your Suite Dress the Theme

If you didn’t know how or what to start decorating your dorms with, well it’s Christmas, that’s an idea. It makes your place become more homey and cozy for the winter. Now, you could even hang up the stockings that you made around the place to add to your Christmas flare. You can get plenty of decorations from dollar stores like Family Dollar, where you can get Christmas signs to hang up, some garland to hang on those bare walls, and even ornaments. A small and fake little tree like the one in my suite that is about a foot tall with silver and red ornaments filled up an empty space in our room and it’s less expensive than an actual real one. Christmas lights can also add to the Christmas theme.   


Secret Santa or Gift Swap

When it comes to college, this may seem a little on the high end of your budget, but it can be a fun way to exchange gifts with your friends. With this, gifts are more budget-friendly and carefully considered due to the limitations of a college student’s budget. It can be as simple as a homemade gift, to a mug, to treats. In the end, it’s all about passing on the Christmas spirit and the friends around you. It shows how much thought and effort went into getting gift more than the gift itself. Most importantly you get to know more about who the person is, their interest, and their personality.  


Seek out the Tree Lightings

During the Christmas season, there are many places around you that have their annual tree lighting or that start hanging up their Christmas decorations. As you walk around or take on a Christmas stroll, you are able to witness the dark skies filled up with red, green, white, and gold lights. Being in Boston, my friends and I went to see the annual Christmas tree lighting as well as the concert in the Boston Common. Various other places displayed Christmas lights while we were in Boston like Faneuil Hall. It’s a great way to explore the colorful holiday lights and walk through Christmas music whistling through the streets and into your ears.

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