My Thanksgiving College Haul

My small Kanken backpack, a small duffel bag, and a medium suitcase. All filled up except the suitcase.

Now, why would I need all this for a 5 day Thanksgiving weekend? And I only traveled about 4 hours from Boston to New York City. It may have looked like I have overpacked, but that’s not the case. The suitcase was designed to bring back all the things that I have been craving and needing in the past 2 or 3 months that I have not been home. So, as unravel my suitcase back in my dorm, let me give you a little Thanksgiving break haul.

Let’s start off with food and snacks:

  1. Campbell’s chicken noodle soup
  2. Chef Boyardee (Beef Ravioli)
  3. Quaker Oatmeal Flavor Variety Box (Maple & Brown Sugar)
  4. Popcorn (Extra Butter)
  5. Golden Oreos
  6. Salt
  7. Pepper
  8. Animal crackers
  9. Sazon seasoning
  10. Rice packets

The dining hall is not always an option for me or most college students. Sometimes the options provided at the dining hall is sometimes limited. A simple way to put it is that college food is not always a hit. So these items will allow me to cook more of my own food and add my flavor of touch. Plus, my snack drawer was empty and I survive on snacks.

Next up, decor:

  1. Faux Fur Pillow
  2. Lunar Eclipse wall art
  3. 2 decorative posters
  4. 3 piece babe cave wall art

Now, this was to simply fill up all the empty spaces that I was not able to decorate before. The sides of my walls felt bare, so the Lunar Eclipse wall art and the babe cave wall art covered up those empty walls. The decorative posters also added a nice touch to my common room to make it feel homier and the faux fur pillow added more flare to the comfort of my bed.

Now we have essentials:

  1. LED mini diffuser
  2. Liquid dish soap
  3. Hand soap
  4. 2 pots
  5. A reusable bag
  6. Scotch tape (I used the rest of my suitemate’s so I felt the need to repay her back)
  7. Command hooks
  8. Command strips

These were just a few necessities that I needed to hang up some things, to cook with or materials needed for a basic daily living.

Lastly, the Black Friday clothing deals:

  1. A yellow Charlie Brown t-shirt
  2. A pair of black overalls
  3. Black/blue holographic fanny pack
  4. Black sweatpants with red and green stripes
  5. A brown autumn cropped knit sweater

Since it’s getting a little more chilly, I got a few new additions to my wardrobe to add style back into my closet.

Next time you get a chance to go home, think about making a list beforehand and stock up on the necessities you might be missing while you’re away at college. Well, this is just it for now until my next visit back home for winter break in three weeks.


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