Amazon Wish List Deep Dive

Halloween has passed and Thanksgiving is upon us, which means I am currently listening to my all-time favorite Christmas bops. Don’t fight me on this—Thanksgiving is cute and all, but I’m really just waiting for Santa to come down my chimney. Let me deck my halls and ring my silver bells while I eat the Figgie pudding so graciously brought to me by those random carolers at my door.

With the Christmas season almost upon us, I figured it would be a great time to revisit my Amazon wish list and see what I might want to ask for. As I scrolled through the list, I really couldn’t help but laugh at myself. While most of it was practical and reasonable, there were some strange oddities on the list that had me questioning my state of mind when I first saw them. They were probably items that I added either at 2am when I was too tired to be rational, or during the 15 minutes before class when I dissociate and just troll the internet.

If you’re looking for a unique, funny gift to give a friend or family member, consider this list a guide to potential gift options. The below items would also be great for a Yankee Swap, White Elephant, or Dirty Santa gift exchange. If you’re just here for a laugh at my expense, that’s quite alright as well. If you’re my mom and you’re reading this (hi mom!), I encourage you to continue reading: great gift ideas ahead!


The Llama Duster

My hot take: No, this is not something to dust your llama with. It is, however, an iconic and totally practical duster for any surface in your home or office that needs a little TLC. The Llama Duster comes shaped like a llama but is bendable so you can straighten out the body when you need to get those hard-to-reach places. This would be a great gift for any folks in your life who are glued to their desks for work, or for those friends of yours who pretend they’re into cleaning but we all know they just like to think they’re doing well at adulting.

Reviews: 4.5 stars from 38 customer reviews. Most people say it doesn’t get the tough dusting jobs done, but it suffices for a quick once-over when you’re in a pinch. Someone also commented that it was machine washable.

Price: $13.38

Amazon Prime Eligible: Yes


The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake

My hot take: I’m pretty sure I added this when I went through a pretentious artsy-faze last year. I’m not a big poetry reader by any means, but I really connected with Blake’s work in the way that it’s largely accessible; I didn’t find myself struggling to derive meaning from his poems. His work is also a great example of what if you know someone who’s into classical poetry, or they happen to be a William Blake stan, this seems like it would be a good buy. It’s around 900 pages and contains both Blake’s well-known works, as well as his lesser-known ones.

Reviews: 4.2 stars from 53 reviews. Some people say the binding of the book is a little weak for its weight. Almost all of the reviews say that the book is well-organized, and is a great addition to any poetry collection

Price: $21.60

Amazon Prime Eligible: Yes


Funko Pop! Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Occamy Figurine

My hot take: I’m really not sure how or why this ended up on my wish list. It’s outrageously expensive, and I’m not even that into the Fantastic Beasts franchise (though we do love ourselves some Jude Law). However, this is a San Diego Comicon 2017 limited edition figurine, so it’s a great collector’s item for the ultimate witch or wizard in your life. There are also a lot of people out there who collect the Funko Pop! Figurines—myself included—so this might be a great option as well. Bringing this to a gift swap would also be incredibly hilarious. Can you imagine someone who knows nothing about the wizarding world getting stuck with it? Ugh, muggles.

Reviews: 4.8 stars from 5 reviews. Reviewers say the figurine is incredibly detailed and looks just like the creature in the movie. One person said it was a little bigger than expected. I mean, it’s a damn Occamy. Of course it’s big.

Price: $199.94

Amazon Prime Eligible: No


Macaron Shaped Throw Pillow

My hot take: I’m a sucker for a quirky decorative pillow. From the looks of the picture, it seems pretty soft and squishy. You can choose from almost 20 different “flavors” of macarons, all of which are incredibly vibrant and strangely appetizing. With their round shape, these pillows could also make great seat cushions or pillows/seating for pets. This would be a great gift for anyone in your life who loves to bake, or has an affinity for French pastries. You might also gift this to someone who’s just moved into a new house and needs some help decorating, or to a college student looking to spice up their dorm room.

Reviews: 4.3 stars from 55 reviews. Some say the pillow’s stuffing is a bit lacking or needs to be fluffed up upon arrival. Most seemed to be happy with the look and feel of the pillow, and one person commented that she bought several more after the first one arrived.

Price: $17.99

Amazon Prime Eligible: Yes


Star Wars Yoda Christmas Light Set

My hot take: Merry Christmas, young Skywalker. I’m the ultimate Star Wars nerd, and you best believe that I have all of the other Star Wars Christmas light sets already hanging up in my room. I can personally testify that they are of the top-quality—if one light goes out, they do not all go out. The fun thing about these Yoda lights is that he hangs upside down when you hang them up. He is the bat-like Jedi master that well all deserve to be illuminating our rooms. I never imagined I would type a sentence like that. These lights can be used both in and outdoors, and they come fully assembled. To plug them in is all that one must do. May the force be with you.

Reviews: None yet! As I said, though, I’ve had other variations of these lights for some time now, and I’m a huge fan. They have a soft glow to them, and I have yet to replace one of the lights. I use them to read at night.

Price: $32.50

Amazon Prime Eligible: No


Old Books Soy Candle

My hot take: On the packaging, the candle is described as smelling like aged paper and dusty shelves. I’m not really sure whether or not I would actually want to light this candle and have it fragrance my room. It seems like a cute idea, but the smell might get a little gross after a while. That being said, half the reason I buy candles is because of the packaging—if it’s cute, I’m in. This candle would be great to put on a display shelf with books or writing materials. It might even be great to light for a bit while you’re reading, just to give some light and create a calming ambiance.

Reviews: 3.2 stars from 40 reviews. Most people said it doesn’t actually smell as promised and has more of a lemon meringue pie smell than anything. However, people did say that it burned fairly evenly, and it was a cute tchotchke for any book lover.

Price: $18

Amazon Prime Eligible: No


Hanes Men’s EcoSmart Fleece Sweatshirt

My hot take: Surprisingly, these plain sweatshirts aren’t just for your Dad and or Grandpa. There are many ways to style them to make them chicer than they are. I either buy them oversized to make it look like I have a boyfriend that I stole it from, or I have patches sewn on them to give them a vintage, thrift-store-look. I think buying a bunch of patches, sewing them on, and then gifting the sweatshirt to a friend or family member would be a great personalized gift.

Reviews: 4.3 stars from 1,939 customer reviews. Almost all of the reviews that the sweatshirts are incredibly comfortable, and that the colors are true to what’s presented online. Some people find the collar to be a bit suffocating.

Price: Anywhere from $6.71-$50.41 depending on size and color selection.

Amazon Prime Eligible: Depends on size and color.


Cat Cross-Body/Shoulder Bag

My hot take: Unique novelty purses are a great accent piece to any outfit. I’m not a cat person, but I could become one just so I can carry this bag around. There are several design options, with the choices ranging in color and shape. This would be a great gift for the crazy cat lady in your life, or a great gag gift for the dog mom in your life that you’re trying to convert into the crazy cat lady. This purse also comes with a removable leather strap so it can be worn as a cross-body bag for the people who want to go hands-free.

Reviews: 4.2 stars from 546 customer reviews. Most people are pleased with the quality and size of the bag; lots of people use it to carry around e-readers or mini laptops. Some people commented that there was a chemical smell when the bag first arrived.

Price: Varies depending on style selection.

Amazon Prime Eligible: Yes


Snackin’ Sloth Donut Socks

My hot take: I have a collection of fun and quirky socks from this brand Sock it to Me. They’re super stretchy, and the socks don’t ever get holes in them for me. I like to wear them with a pair of leggings and do some sock floor-skating around my house like I’m a professional figure skater. These are the ultimate gag gifts for friends or gift swaps—they’re hilarious, but they’re also usable once the laughs are over. I like this particular set, because sloths eating pink frosted donuts just makes sense in my mind.

Reviews: 5 stars from 15 reviews. See, these socks are an absolute crowd pleaser. There is no reason to not get them. Get down with your sloth loving, donut eating self.

Price: $11

Amazon Prime Eligible: Yes


3D Skull Silicone Ice Cube Molds

My hot take: I like all aspects of my life to be cute and Pinterest worthy—even my ice cubes. This ice cube tray makes two super-sized skull ice cubes for your enjoyment. I like my drinks to be ice cold at all times; with this product, you only need one ice cube to bring your drink to Jack Frost level. The only con might be that it only makes four ice cubes at a time, so if you’re looking to make a whole slew of skull ice cubes, you might need to stock up on these trays. They’d be great gifts for that friend who loves to host themed parties, or as a nice add-on to supplement a gift swap gift.

Reviews: 4.4 stars from 818 reviews. Some people say locking the ice cube trays is a bit tricky, but almost everyone says the shape of the ice cubes, in reality, matches the product image to a tee.

Price: $10.95

Amazon Prime Eligible: Yes

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