How To Bundle Up This Winter

This night air is starting to get breezy, the day is getting more crisp. The chills are starting to tickle your spine and you shiver with goosebumps by your side. Whether you’re from California or even New York, the winter is still a hassle. You can’t decide if you need to buy layers or what to look for when getting a good quality jacket that will keep you warm. This isn’t just for people from the West Coast, but people from the East Coast as well. Being from NYC, the winter is already brutal enough, but being here in Boston is a whole different ball game.

1. Coats

Photo by Talen de St. Croix on Unsplash

Let’s start off with coats. No we are not looking for leather jackets, sweaters, jumpers, or cardigans. One step outside and you’ll freeze! When looking for a coat, the longer the better. It will be able to keep your thighs from catching snowflakes and it will provide a little warmth. You need something that will last you a good couple of years so that way you know you made a good investment. Winter coats are more on the pricier side, but if you want to catch up on the deals, go when it’s Black Friday or a Thanksgiving sale. If your family or friends send you gift cards or money every once in a while, you can save up to purchase a sturdy winter coat. If you’re looking for a reasonably price but good quality jacket, I would recommend Macy’s, where there are lots of different brands and sales. Other brands that are more expensive, but will last you through a number of winters are Canada Goose and Eddie Bauer. Most important, get a coat that is thick, lined with fur, and that has a hoodie, if you want the ultimate protection of warmth.         




2. Hats, Scarves, and Gloves

These are the essential accessories to winter and they come in handy. Protect the parts of your body that are exposed if you want to survive this winter. Hats only not keep your head warm, but it prevents your hair from getting soaked with the rush of snow that falls on you. With the hoodie on top of your hat, expect a nice circulation of heat around you head. The cotton hats are the go-to when it comes to winter. Scarves come in all different styles and forms, they protect you from the space that the coat may not cover up. Infinity scarves are good for the beginning of winter, but later down the line, try to find a scarf that will fully cover your neck and one reaches to even cover your nose. They also protect you from the coughs and sneezes that are now floating around. Gloves are becoming more advance these days as we start to have gloves that allow finger touch for your phone. They become important because they are one of the parts of your body that start to get cold quick. Nice thick cotton gloves are perfect from having to rub your hands together from warmth.

3. Leggings, Undershirts, and Thermals

We’re going to get a little personal. Not that kind of personal, but I’m talking about leggings, under-shirts, and thermals. When you walk outside into the windy, thick, cold air sometimes what you’re wearing on the outside isn’t enough. You need to stock up on thermals and leggings to create a barrier between your body and the pants you are wearing. Thermals may not be the most cool thing to wear, but it’s under your clothes so no one will know. When your pants start to get wet from the snow and you can feel the cold spot of water on your legs, thermals are just the solution to not feeling that cold spot of melted snow on your skin. Thermals are unisex and they come in a variety of colors for those interested in that. They are just enough to cover up underneath and not feel uncomfortable as you add on the layers. It’s like being wrapped up in a blanket but just with your clothes.                                                                                                                               

4. Boots

Lastly, you need boots, to cover up those cold toes. Boots can range in all forms as well and they can get a little pricey just like some jackets. Boots lined inside with fur will just add a touch of warmth as you walk through the cold. Make sure that the outside material of the boot is able to stand through water, snow, and slush because you don’t want to be walking around with wet and cold socks. Layer with some cozy socks under those boots too, they will add an extra layer of protection on that windy wintery day. A classic brand is Timberland, but you can also get a pair from stores like J.C. Penny and even Macy’s. If you’re looking for a higher end brand, try L.L. Bean. So don’t forget about your feet, they need to be warm too!


As you find out what coat to get and what accessories you want to go with it, get prepared and plan ahead. Make sure that it’s hefty and protective so that you won’t be cold this winter. So get ahead of your winter shopping and bundle up this winter, because it’s going to cold, real cold.


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