The Common Guide to Being Sick

“Aah choo,” you sneeze and you find your nose running. Your body temperature is either way too hot or way too cold. You can feel the chills of a cold tingle through your body. The cough has now turned into this aggressive battle to clear out your throat. You feel less active and the bed is now calling your name. You’re rummaging through your cabinets and all of your room, but you don’t have any source of medication there. Your parents aren’t here. You are away at college and your own for the first time. You have no one to guide you in what to get, where to go, and how to get it. Now you’re forced to make the awkward and confusing trip to the store to try and find the best things to fight being sick. If you are new to the common cold/ flu struggle, here are a few tips.

Make an appointment

Since your parents are not always by your side when you are sick, you might want to visit your local on-campus doctor to find a way to beat this cold. You can also kill two birds with one stone and get a checkup as well as some suggestions of how to take care of yourself through this sickness. Going to a doctor or physician will allow them to prescribe you medication that you will be able to get as soon as possible. It’s always great to get another opinion of about your health so that you can take safety precautions when being sick.


Take a trip to the pharmacy    

This may seem like the worst thing you might want to do since you’re basically bedridden, but it will definitely be helpful to your cause. As you become lost throughout the aisle, not knowing what to look for in the mountain of options right in front of you, you can start with the basics. So grab a cart and start putting some of these items in there. Chicken soup, this helps when you don’t have much of an appetite and you need something to warm you up. You might just want to stock up on this when the dining hall is not an option for you. Tea, they come in all flavors and forms, so find one that will satisfy your taste buds and soothe that sore throat of yours. Medication, this can be the hard part with all these different brands and variations. You might want to stick with your basic cough syrup like DayQuil and NightQuil or even go with the pill form. Make sure to stock up on your vitamins to keep that immune system up and running.



It may seem like everyone is being extra productive and active, but understand that you are sick. You body is running on little energy and power as your immune system is fighting those bacteria and viruses. Maybe you have a pounding headache, so it’s time to put that head to rest. You want to make sure that you are not using up all your energy and your mind because you want to strength back up. Take as many naps as you may need throughout the day, but also don’t lose focus of your schedule and classes. If your body is telling you that you will not be able to do it today, take a day off while resting in bed, and gather up that energy for the next day. If we need at least 8 hours of sleep a day, your body will need more while you are sick. You need rest to fight a cold because depriving yourself of sleep can handicap your immune system.


Plan for your day

Being sick can sometimes mean missing a few classes or canceling meeting or projects. If you want to make sure that your schedule doesn’t conflict the rest of your week or even your day, so you need to plan. If you feel like the cold/flu was coming on last night or early this morning, you should email your professors, partners, or job that you will not be able to make it, so that not only you but everyone else can plan around you. If this is the day you plan to stay in take some time to also finish some work and get on schedule for tomorrow. Any assignments or work that is provided to you through the comfort of your screen, can be done at your desk while you sit in with your pj’s at home. Make sure to keep updates from your peers to catch you up on schoolwork or even your professors because you might even have to Skype into class that day. It’s better to give a heads up sooner than later, even if that means you have to work from home.

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