The Parent Weekend Getaway

Like many of us Emerson students, you may know what happened this weekend. And no, it’s not Halloween, that’s next weekend. But it’s almost similar to move-in day, where there’s a swarming crowd of your loved ones getting to send you off into this new world of adult life. Some have long awaited this moment. But if you haven’t guessed it by now, it was Parents Weekend. Whether you’re an international student or it’s too expensive for your family to come to visit, your weekend might just consist of staying on campus. With many of your friends and roommates out with their parents, you wonder what could you possibly do. For those won’t be expecting a visit from their parents this weekend, there’s still plenty of things for you to do.

Have a sleepover

You may think that you’re the only one alone on campus this weekend but ask around. Some of your closest friends might just have the same dilemma too. You can plan out a night or two of bonding relationships with either some new friends, your own friends, or just even your roommate. Make sure to pack an overnight bag and get ready to live out the rest of your night. You can choose to binge watch shows, start a series together, or even get into the spirit of Halloween with some scary movies. While everyone is mostly out with their parents for dinner, you can be in the comfort of your own room with a few our your friends. Don’t forget your snacks and comfy PJ’s!

Explore your city

Since you have already been in the routine of going to class, doing some homework, and heading back home. You can shake up that routine a little bit this weekend and head out to explore the city that surrounds. You can find new shops, restaurants, and nature trails. Probably you’ve been trying to find a new coffee shop, a new place to eat, or new books to read at Barnes & Noble. Recently, I went out with a friend of mine and we tried this Vietnamese spot. I have never tried Vietnamese food in my life until last week and I recommend trying it out. It was a new experience, especially, coming from New York. The city at night is always just a great thing to admire, so why not explore get late-night boba or bubble tea as the city lights shine around you. In Boston, there are some many places to explore such as Faneuil Hall, Newbury Street, the Boston Burger Company, Fenway, and more.

Get Active

This is something you can do by yourself or with another. Being active can mean a number of things. You start off by taking walks and enjoy places that display beautiful scenery. My roommates and I like to take walks often, but I think my favorite part is walking through the brick pavements and towards the Charles River Esplanade here in Boston. It is just calming and relieving as your take in the scenery around you and breathe in the fresh air. Bike rides are also something to enjoy, it takes you miles away to new places that you might be interested in discovering. The gym can get you active and steam off some stress as well, especially, if the freshman 15 is all that is weighing on your mind.


You may have been too busy this week, so set out some time to reach out to your family and friends, whether that’s by calling or facetime. It gives you a moment to check in with how everyone else is doing back home and it let’s them know how you are doing, adapting to the college life. Sometimes just hearing or seeing familiar people in your life can melt away the homesickness. It only takes a few minutes to contact people these days, so probably you have something new you want to share or you never know if there’s exciting news that is waiting for you on the other line.

Join the Parents

You may just be surprised when the words, “Join us” ring into your head. Yes, you were just invited to hang out with your roommate’s or friend’s parents. It’s a way to get know more about other people’s cultures and interests. Just maybe, they might know the city well enough to introduce you to the new things you have yet to discover. You can indulge in a conversation where others get to know about you and where you are from. It might just be a little awkward, but you could eventually be invited to their Thanksgiving when you can’t go home or you might just visit your friend’s hometown and need a place to stay.


Don’t worry too much if your parents won’t be on campus this weekend, there are still lots of places and things to do that you can enjoy by yourself or with others on campus. Your not alone this weekend, come on, the city of Boston is waiting for you to explore!

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