Room Decor Transformation

You type in “room decor” into your search engine and once you’ve scrolled down it directs you through pages of Pinterest ideas and YouTube videos. It’s always the cute and trendy images and videos that pop up, with the aesthetically pleasing frames for your posters that cost hundreds of dollars or the Polaroid photos that require a polaroid camera. When it comes to decorating for a room, you want to be able to incorporate these trends and styles – but the price of it is just too much – especially for a college student. Well, there are some creative and cheap ways to make your room look like it was straight out of a Pinterest post, so read on.


They are a great way to add color and liveliness into your dorm. Without the hassle and work of real plants, you can get fake plants with different types of greenery or flowers without the effort of money being trouble. If you walk into a dollar store or a wholesale store, your chances of getting pretty succulents and nature will brighten a stuffy and confined room.

Personally, in my room, I have three plants on my desk to add color to my purple “Instagram” themed room. One with green leaves in a white pot, another green and purple plant in a brown pot, and lastly purple flowers for my purple room. These sorts of room decor can range from $1-$5 at various locations such as Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Five Below, and more. So turn that room into a greenhouse that will forever live happily ever after.




DIY Projects

Spending a large amount of money, for one thing, can be used to buy multiple supplies and crafts in order to make your own DIY decor. You can go in lots of directions in order to create your own craft or theme. Paint, canvases, glitter, stickers, and even string can go a long way. You have the option of being able to create your own flower wall you saw online or making your own canvas to fit the theme and colors of your room.

I was inspired by the makeup bead holder to make my own, I bought a small vase for a dollar and filled it with blueish marbles, which I also got for a dollar. It separates your makeup brushes from touching each other and provides a unique look to your makeup brush holder. You can even recycle and reuse some things to build something new or just paint and design it to your liking. DIY projects are just something a little special to call your own.



Now, wallpaper has even gotten more useful in the case for decor. Not only can you make something out of it, but they also come in sticker form. This can add texture and art to your walls or your furniture, without destroying anything. You can have it in the desire of the cool and trendy marble print. Brick wallpaper allows a change of a more homey scenery, mirror wallpaper adds more of an open space to your room, and decorative artsy wallpaper can be used to display art or quotes that you feel reflect you at the moment. Wallpaper can be used in many advantages, even decorating your old and used furniture, like that old and basic wooden desk just sitting in your room.


Photo by Anshu A on Unsplash

This may seem obvious, but if you need something to brighten and warm the comfort of your space, light is your best friend. In rooms that have little to no windows, natural lighting may not always be there for you. You can fill the corners of your room with fairy lights, which take up little to no space on those bare walls, and they especially look pretty at night. LED lights add colorful and funky vibes while seasonal lights put you in the holiday spirit. They come in many shapes and forms to fit the style of an individual. You can even add a lamp to your desk or nightstand, where it creates a minimalistic and vibrant object to your room.



They may seem like extra fabric, but they can help with covering things up. The bare walls are just not appealing so sheer curtains might do the trick for you. They are lightweight and, with lights under them, they look even more magical. Curtains come in all styles and sizes, which can help you cover the storage under your bed instead of an expensive bed-skirt. This helps cover the clutter or excessive hoarding under that bed of yours. Their number one job is always to cover the windows, so that might be somewhere you would like to start. It hides the brick buildings you’re forced to look at, as well as, providing privacy. Curtains can even act as doors, where probably you have an open closet without a door. Well, you can just use a curtain that hangs from a rod to act as your closet door. So when you need to cover up, just use a curtain.


So here’s to room decor. Decorating your room doesn’t have to be an expensive and daunting task because it’s a room for your level of creativity. Your way of decorating not only adds color and texture to the space you live in but how you are able to express yourself through art and style.

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