How Going to an Artsy College in the City “Changed Me”

The people that you surround yourself with and your environment can truly impact you, and bring out parts of yourself that you never knew were there. Something similar happened to me when I came to Emerson college. As soon as I got here, I realized that there was soooo much more diversity than there was in my small, very white, financially comfortable hometown in Norfolk, MA. For the first time I was speaking with people from countries all over the world, and I had the freedom to truly find myself and discover what really matters to me.

  1. I actually started to form some kind of style: Before coming to Emerson, a hoodie emmapaired with black leggings and my L.L Bean Boots were my everyday outfit, with the exception of swapping my hoodie for a T-shirt in the summer. Having a stylenever really interested me because no one in my high school ever really dressed  ith a stye besides the both kids. I tried goth for a few months in middle school… Didn’t stick. At Emerson, I felt like I was walking onto the set of The Breakfast Club mashed with The Carrie Diaries and Project Runway. I had never seen such an expression through clothes before in my life, and I got inspired to find my own and tep outside the box. I went a little “wild” and bought a few shirts in bright colors such as red that I never would have thought to buy before. I also added to my wardrobe a MASSIVE grey faux fur coat that I got at a bargained price from Marshals. This coat actually prompted my boyfriend to say that the coat was evidence of Emerson “changing me into a city person”. . . You can guess how that relationship ended.
  1. Spotify became the most used app on my phone:  Music has always been a pretty important part of my life, but when I came to college I was introduced to life changing musicians and bands on the daily from new people I would meet. My roommate introduced my to this amazing band called Beach House, and my other friend shared with me an entire album of space music. When I met people, I would 9/10 times say at the end of our conversation, “Follow me on Spotify!” I also started to devote more time to making playlists than I did watching New Girl which is really saying something.


  1. I started to consume more fruits and veggies that I thought humanly possible: I have always been a pretty healthy eater, but coming to college has only accelerated my healthy eating. At home I would eat whatever my parents cooked for dinner which was usually healthy, combined with copious amounts of snacks between every meal. At college, my room isn’t filled with snack foods that my parents bought, it’s filled with free fruit from the dining hall. I leave the DH with my pockets overflowing with bananas, pears, and apples… And I can make myself unlimited salads there every day!  I also have cute trendy juice bars and cafes all around me so it’s near impossible not to drop some bills and buy an overpriced smoothie. My body thanks me, but my wallet does not.


  1. I have seen more movies in four months than I have seen in my entire life: This may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I have seen a lot of movies here. First of all, having a movie theatre a minute walk from my room certainly makes things easy to see a movie whenever I want, and second of all, I bought Movie Pass which lets me spend ten dollars a month to watch one movie every 24 hours if I wanted. I have been introduced to movies I would have never watched before coming here, such as Heathers and a few animated films.


  1. I have developed a “walking bitch face”: Back at home in my little suburban town, the most dangerous thing about the outdoors were the fisher cats that came out at night… And they couldn’t be scared away by a masterfully created scowl. However, when I came to Boston, I realized that some people you pass by on the streets are not the best to run into and can be avoided by mastering a certain facial expression. I now walk the streets with a very serious “don’t mess with me face”, that I think looks badass in my head but probably looks like I’m constipated.


Coming to college certainly has been an adjustment, but I wouldn’t trade the impact it has had on me for anything. I strongly recommend everyone to step out of their comfort zone in college every so often, or any period in their lives, and try something new. Learn from your past experiences and embrace the times when you change. Also, learn how to master the walking bitch face so you won’t get mugged in the streets.  

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