Tonsil Surgery

I used to think that everyone’s tonsils were as large as mine. I’ll save you all the scarring mental images, but they are pretty large. Large enough to the point where if they get infected, it’s hard for me to swallow food. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to enjoy my favorite sandwich because I have to drink a whole glass of water just to swallow one bite. This had to end.

While I have not had many cases of strep, I have had plenty of cases of straight up tonsilitis where I just have infected tonsils. Usually, kids will get at least 7-10 cases of strep per year before getting their tonsils out. However, since my tonsils are very large, they always are at a higher risk of getting infected. Therefore, I’m pretty used to being sick and being stuck on antibiotics for an excessive period of time. For me this was enough to remove the tonsils out of my throat.

To my luck, I was finally able to see a doctor this year who said that I could get them taken out. I tried to get them taken out before, but I never received a solid “yes, you need to get these out.” The more recent doctor I saw finally understood that they were just giving me grief and agreed that it would definitely be worth it to get them removed.

My surgery is scheduled for May 4, exactly two days after I get home for summer. This was done purposely so that I wouldn’t have to get them out in the middle of the summer and screw up any job or social priority I had on my agenda. Part of me is excited to get them out, but part of me is also terrified. I have never undergone an actual surgery before in my life. Surprisingly enough, I’m not as terrified about the actual surgery as I am about the post-surgery. 

I was told that during post-surgery I will have a two week recovery time. During this time, I cannot do any physical activity. This bothered me for two reasons. One being I am not looking forward to being in pain for that long. Another reason is that I am not I’m not looking forward to doing nothing for that long of a period of time. Now, I know what your thinking. Why on earth would I ever be annoyed about being given the opportunity to do nothing but watch tv and eat ice cream? I very reasonable explanation for this.

I am not the type of person who can sit and binge watch Netflix for days on end without a break in between. I know that at the moment, I will be able to do this for about a day or so. However, I am a person who is always used to doing something. Thus, me doing nothing will reluctantly result in my insanity.

I’ve already expressed my concerns with my friends, (all who wish they could be in my shoes and think I’m being way too dramatic). They all reassured me that they would come visit me and bring me ice cream. I feel like I have to create a list of different ice cream flavors so that I don’t end eating the same flavor over and over again. I might even request frozen yogurt because, let’s face it, if I eat that much ice cream while I’m doing nothing for two weeks I’M GOING TO GET FAT. If you’re reading this and plan on visiting me post surgery, please don’t let me get fat.

I know that I’m going to be fine and everything is going to be fine. I know I’m over exaggerating and I know that I’ll probably enjoy the nothingness of the whole post surgery. Even if it does eventually drive me a little crazy, it will be worth it to finally have my crazy, large, annoying, disgusting tonsils out of my throat. Who knows, maybe I’ll come out of the surgery with a voice change and I’ll be able to actually sing. Even though I know my vocal chords have nothing to do with my tonsils, it’s nice to have a dream.

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