A Diehard Boston Bruins Fan and the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

I bleed black and gold.

Before you call 911 on me, hold the phone. No, I don’t actually bleed black and gold. No, I’m not going to prove it to you. Take my word for it. What I mean by that is I am a diehard fan of the Boston Bruins, the hockey team of the greater Boston area/New England. Bruins hockey (metaphorically!) runs through my veins.


It all started back in 2011, when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup. That’s right, kids, I was once a bandwagon fan. Being half Canadian, my mom and I decided it was sort of an obligation to watch the Bruins face off against the Vancouver Canucks in the Stanley Cup Finals. So, at the start series, my mom and I camped out in front of the TV and watched big, bearded men on tiny knives glide across the ice like burly ballerinas.

One game, and I was hooked.

Next day, I went out and made a build-a-bear stuffed Dachshund, named him Bear (after the mascot of the Bruins), and stuffed him into a tiny hockey jersey. I got my hands on a few Bruins t-shirts myself, and the rest is history. The Bruins won the Cup, and I became a hockey fan.

Skip to seven years later, and I’m an actual fan now. I know every player’s full name, nickname, and number. I can tell you who is on the ice just by how all of the players skate. I watch Behind the B, the TV show that follows the Bruins players off the ice. I have secret dossiers including information on every player’s personal lives. That last one’s a joke. I might sound stalker-ish, but I’m not that bad… at least, not yet.

Bruins Forward Ryan Donato on Behind the B

I will fully admit I have cried over hockey. I sobbed when the Bruins were eliminated from the playoffs by the Montreal Canadiens in the 2014-15 season. I shed tears of joy when they moved on to the playoffs last season after having missed out on the offseason the prior two years. I am that grossly sobbing fan those pizza commercials make fun. Can I interest you in a tissue from my special Bruins themed tissue box?

This season, I was lucky enough to go to three games, one of them being opening night, where the Bruins faced off against the Nashville Predators. The B’s won 4-3.


The energy in the building was intense; having been to many hockey games in my day, I don’t think I’ve ever heard the TD Garden crowd be so loud. The game was a nail-biter, with the Bruins just holding off the Predators. I hoped right then and there that the opening night game would be a good omen, that the Bruins were going to have one of their best seasons in history. We want the Cup!

With the playoffs starting, my super-fan is thriving. After a season full of injuries and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, the Bruins have made it to the playoffs and are facing off against the Toronto Maple Leafs. There is no better time to be a Bruins fan.

Image Source

My yearly playoff traditions are in full swing. For the past week and a half, I’ve been living in Bruins apparel only. It’s gross-sounding, but you have to realize, I own eight Bruins sweatshirts (nine when my package arrives), six Bruins shirts, two hats, and three jerseys–there’s plenty of options. I’ve also donned my “playoff wristbands”. I put them on right after the last regular season game, and don’t take them off until a week after the Bruins exit the playoffs (I keep them on an additional week to mourn the loss, these things take time to heal). If the Bruins win the Stanley Cup, they’ll stay on for the whole summer.


I’m praying for tan lines rather than empty wrists. If the Bruins don’t win the Cup, you can find me crying in the corner. Wake me up when September ends and next season starts.

In all seriousness, though, hockey is a big part of my life. Not only do I just enjoy watching it, but it’s become a great way for me and my mom to bond. When I’m home on the weekends and there’s a game to watch, we’re glued to the TV (much to my dad’s dismay). While watching a game at school, I’ll either call my mom and we’ll talk the whole way through, or she’ll text me memes reacting to the game. There’s nothing greater than coming home and being able to sit down and watch a hockey game with one of my favorite people in the entire world: my Facebook-meme loving mom.

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 9.58.33 AM.png

And, above all, hockey’s given me something to believe in when I couldn’t believe in myself. No matter how crappy life gets, hockey is always there to lift my spirits.

Go Bruins!

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