From The Suburbs To The City

Walking out my front door to see a view of a Cul De Sac with suburban houses immediately makes me miss the city. I hear over and over again that “Austin IS a city.” Yes it is, but can I walk from my house to a Forever 21 in 10 minutes? Nope.

Moving from Austin to Boston was quite the adjustment for me. Not only is there a huge change of scenery, there is a huge chance of pace. In the city everything fast paced and high energy. I will literally plan my day by the hour in Boston. I didn’t always use to be this way. Before I moved here I didn’t even own a planner. Being immersed in this new culture has made me a much more productive person.

Living here has also created some not so great traits. I have MAJOR road rage now. Because I walk, take the T, or Uber places, I never need to drive. When I’m back home, I try to get people to drive me places as much as possible, but there are still instances was I have to drive. This is also more challenging because I don’t have my own car anymore so I am always scavenging to borrow a family member’s car. When driving, I will always calculate the amount of time I could have saved if I were in Boston or how instead of driving for 30 minutes I could have been at a mall in 10 minutes just by walking. I now definitely prefer walking places. I remember when I first started walking around the city and I was amazed by how people just walked diagonally across the four-way stop. Now I have become a borderline reckless jaywalker, which is not a great trait back home in Austin. 

I have found that going back home has become almost like a vacation to me (besides the chores my mom still makes me do). In Texas, it’s warmer, more laid back, and has great food everywhere. Home provides me a place to replenish and relax. I don’t take enough time to sleep in or have lazy days in Boston, so when I’m back home I almost live another life. I feel more like myself in Boston and when I go back I feel almost like an alien. 

There are some aspects of my life that never change across the two cities. For instance, my fashion never changes. I have become more bold with my style in Boston and I just had to keep it up in Austin. Yes, I’m that girl who will wear heels to a soccer game, but that’s just who I am! I know that I said I am more relaxed in Texas (which is true) but I still like to schedule my days. This positive lifestyle change has made me much more organized and well rested (because I schedule when I need to go to bed too).

Being in the city and being in the suburbs are COMPLETELY different lifestyles, I still find myself missing the city when I am back home. I always dreamed of living in the city from a very young age. Even in a letter, I wrote my freshman year of high school to my senior self I said: “I hope you’re out of Texas and in New York.” I didn’t quite make it to New York, but I’m still pretty close! I truly believe that different cities fit different people better and that everyone should try to experience living in the suburbs and the city. Not only do you learn more about other cultures, you discover more about yourself.

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