13 Reasons Why I Smile

Amidst all the negativity in our day-to-day lives, there is always a reason to smile. When taking time to focus on the positive things in life, it is hard to narrow down a list to only thirteen things. I decided to tackle this writing prompt because after a hard couple of days and meditate on the things that make me happy. Here are thirteen reasons why I smile.

  1. Talking to my family- I just love hearing the sound of my family members voices. I automatically feel comforted and as if I’m not so far away from them anymore. Phone calls and texts from them always make my day.
  2. Running into a friend randomly- The feeling of running into a friend unexpectedly is amazing. My face automatically lights up when I see someone I love. Those little instances can really change my day.
  3. Getting unexpected emails- I am OBSESSED with emails. I mostly get junk email so when I get an email that is unexpected I get so excited.
  4. Seeing a happy old couple- I know this is oddly specific, but I just love seeing happy old couples. It always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and a sense of hope for what I could possibly have one day.
  5. Meeting a new friend- I would consider myself a pretty friendly person and I am not afraid to go up to someone new and talk to them. I love meeting random people and getting to know them. Even if it is a short five-minute convo, it really brightens my mood.
  6. Watching Ellen– With all of the negative news in the media, I can always count on Ellen to make me smile. In her interviews, games, and videos, she exudes happiness. There is no way to not have a smile while watching Ellen.
  7. Finding the perfect outfit- Creating the perfect outfit is one of the best feelings for me. It can take me hours to create outfits so once I  actually feel satisfied, I always have the biggest smile on my face.
  8. Sunny weather- When the sun is out, I am automatically happier. I take advantage of any days where it is sunny and make sure I am outdoors as much as possible. The sun gives me energy and reminds me of back home.
  9. Random acts of kindness- Receiving and doing random acts of kindness creates the best feeling. Whether it’s buying someone else’s food or even something as simple as holding the door open for someone, the little things matter.
  10. Spontaneous adventures- Nothing gives me more of an adrenaline rush than spontaneity. I have noticed I have been on more spontaneous adventures in college (probably because I have no restrictions), like my random Celtics ticket purchases.
  11. Unexpected encouragement- Lately I have received some messages of encouragement from people that I rarely keep in contact with.  Their messages meant more to me than encouragement from my family. I know that statement sounds strange but it meant so much to me that they took time out of their busy days to reach out to me.
  12. Amazing Mexican food- In Boston, good Mexican food is rare. I feel like I am in a  drought here. But when I get back home, my whole body smiles (if that’s even possible). I don’t have enough words to describe my love for Mexican food.
  13. Meeting someone else from Texas- This event is rare but always so heartwarming. People in Texas just have an instant connection (you think I’m kidding, but I’m really not). It’s nice to figure out where someone is from and see if we have any mutual connections. And of course, we have to rant about the Mexican food up here.

I encourage anyone to try this challenge if you are having a rough week. Just by sitting and reflecting, I felt instantly happier! This shows that even when to think everything is going wrong, there are still so many reasons to smile.


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