Get Outside!

Spring is approaching, although some days it seems like Spring will never arrive…shiver. That being said, it’s time to start thinking about getting outdoors. One thing I was was very worried about going to college in the city is the city’s lack of connection to nature. However, as I started to adjust to the very different landscape compared to my suburban town, I realized nature was still everywhere. Among the sparrows chirping in the early morning, squirrels making the Boston Common a land to call their own, and the roots of trees tearing up the sidewalks in the North End, nature is everywhere. . .You just have to look.

According to the Department of Parks and Recreation (no it’s not just a TV show it’s a real thing), Boston has 2,100 acres of parks. . .That’s a lot of green space for a city! And even more waterfront areas to explore! I’ll let you in on a few of my favorite secret spots aside from the Boston Common to breathe in the fresh (city) air and take in some good ol’ nature.

One of my favorite waterfront areas is actually by Institute of Contemporary Art. It’s super cool, and the view is even better. There is a boardwalk that stretches out over the beautiful Boston Harbor just beyond the glass. It just so happens that the sun sets directly in front of the ICA, so you can sit on the benches and enjoy the silence as the sun sets over this hidden gem of a spot.


Another one of my favorites is the park located in Chinatown, just by the large archway. Many people often head straight for the restaurants and boba tea, and forget to absorb all that Chinatown has to offer including the Chinatown park. This park is a beautiful and tranquil experience- If you ignore the sounds of cars beeping right behind the bamboo. This park is lined with bamboo, waterfalls, and nice sitting areas. It is a fantastic place to escape the hectic environment of Chinatown and take a moment to get your zen on.


In East Boston on Marginal Street there is a quaint little. . .just kidding; big $17 million dollar park that overlooks the Boston skyline. Piers Park, in my opinion, is the best place to see the city; especially at night. There are pavilions along the walking trail that make you feel like you are walking through castle grounds. There are over 32 kinds of trees in this park, along with a very good selection of flowers in the Spring. If you are looking to feel like a Royal, this park may just be the best place for you.


Lastly, the Charles River Esplanade might be the most picturesque place you could stroll through. There is a beautiful trail that follows the charles river with bridges stretching over the water. Fun fact: sometimes you can actually see people sailing along the river. Most often I see people biking and rollerblading through the park or walking their cute fluffy dogs.


Greenspace and waterfronts are scattered all over Boston, and are not too hard to come by. The more you explore, the more secret secluded parts you will find. Especially with the warm weather coming. Get outside and absorb some vitamin D!

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