Y’all Think Texas Is Like This?

Y’all really think all Texans are like this? As a Texan, I have come to answer your burning questions about Texas. Even though Austin is the live music capital of the world, has amazing food and shopping, and is becoming one of the most popular cities to live in, I obviously show no favoritism whatsoever to Austin. After moving to Boston, I have been asked all of these questions. Some are more ridiculous than others and I still think it is hilarious that people actually believe these preconceived notions. So here is my best shot at answering these recurring questions, Y’all (And I’ve even included my own personal pictures). 

Do Texans only wear cowboy boots and ride horses everywhere?

I hear this one so much. No, I didn’t wear cowboy boots every day. In fact, very few people do. Most people only wear them for special occasions such as football games or country concerts. People in Texas dress normal, believe it or not. There are definitely areas where people dress in boots and cowboy hats every day, but, for the most part, people dress average. There are a few exceptions. Dallas is known as a fashion hub and Austin is known for the “hippie-like” dressing. And no, I didn’t ride a horse to school (although that might have been faster with our TERRIBLE traffic).

Sam Hunt Concert


Texans only listen to country music, right?

We listen to other music too, of course… Country music is very popular and, I’m not going to lie, I do listen to it occasionally. Country music is just a part of our culture, but, again, that doesn’t mean that it’s all we listen to. In fact, Texans love all genres of music. I have even seen a guy in a cowboy hat at a Future concert… Whether it’s rap or classical or even jazz, Texans have a wide variety of music interests.

Darius Rucker Concert
Austin City Limits
Future Concert Austin, Texas


Is football more important than anything there?

Ok, football is a pretty big deal in Texas and is taken very seriously. Especially high school football. Our state championships were televised and took place in the Dallas Cowboys stadium. I will admit, to some, football is more important than anything. People literally eat, breathe, and sleep football. But if you’re like me, football isn’t everything.



Is everything really bigger in Texas?

It wasn’t until I moved to Boston that I realized how extra Texas really is. I thought Mums were normal (those huge flowery ribbon things we wear on homecoming). I thought it was normal to have to travel four hours to get to another city. And I definitely thought it was normal to go to a school that had over 3,000 kids (the high school that I went to is bigger than my college). Long story short, Texas is HUGE and Texans definitely love to do things “bigger.”

These are the mums that we wear during high school.


Did you live in the desert?  

We do not live in the desert. In fact, Texas is full of all different climates and settings. In the South, there are beaches. In the North, there is actual snow. And Austin (my favorite place in Texas, not biased at all) is full of lush green trees and lakes.

Austin, Texas
Downtown Dallas, Texas
Austin, Texas 360 Overlook
Lake Travis Austin, Texas


“Where’s your accent?”

Not all of us sound like we are from the South, in fact, most of us sound normal. But one thing most all Texans share is the word “Y’all.” To us, it is completely normal and sounds completely fine. In Boston, I have been stopped mid-conversation because people were shocked I used the word Y’all. I still think it is much easier than you all and I will never stop using Y’all, and it still astounds me how people think it is so weird.

Blue Bonnet’s in Austin, Texas


I hope that I was able to answer all of the questions that have probably crossed your mind when you meet a Texan. Texas is not full of cowboys and we all don’t live on farms, we are normal people too. We also all don’t stay in Texas forever. I am one of the rare exceptions of a Texan that leaves home. It was very eye opening to move 2,000 miles away from home and I wish more Texans would do the same. I do love where I’m from and Texas will always be home, but I have loved getting the chance to explore and learn about other cultures. As they say in Friday Night Lights, “Texas Forever.”

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