Laptop Stickers are the Windows to the Soul

When I sit in class, I can’t help but wonder what the meaning behind the colorful stickers plastered on my peer’s laptops. Laptop stickers are a means of self-expression and even art. At school, I have seen my fair share of fascinating and quirky laptop decorations. These stickers are often very funny and have even funnier meanings and stories behind them. I decided to hunt down some particular interesting laptops and decipher the meaning behind their decals!


Me! – Freshman WLP Major: I started collecting stickers for my laptop over the summer and going into college. Over the summer I took a trip out west to different national parks such as Yosemite and Death Valley National Park, where I began to collect stickers from each location I traveled to. Travel and the environment are two essential elements of my life that I wanted to be reminded of. I also have a sticker of a wolf which I think to be my spirit animal (I may or may not have taken five personality tests to decipher this as well). Lastly, I put my Yeti water bottle sticker on my laptop to remind myself of the importance of hydration in addition to putting shame on myself for spending so much on a water bottle.


Hind Bakkali – Freshman International Business Major: I found Hind typing away on her laptop at Explorateur while sipping on her latte. Her laptop grabbed my attention; particularly with the very “mainstream” sticker choices such as of Kim Kardashian and Brandy Melville… I wanted to know more. She told me that she was an international student at Harvard majoring in international business, but didn’t specify where she was from. She started collecting her stickers last year when she started college. She described the skull from Brandy Melville as her style, and she identifies with the “queen bitch” sticker because she sees herself as just that. She also had a SoulCycle sticker because she is a fan of this exercise group.


Sallie Bieterman – Senior Theatre Arts Major: Sallie shows her Jewish pride with a sticker with the Jewish phrase “Oy Vey!”, and her love of Scotland with a Scotland sticker. She describes this sticker as “constantly my mood.” Sallie also worked at the women’s march headquarters in Washington DC, (hence her women’s march sticker. One of her stickers actually brought in a fellow stagedoor manor theatre camp participant. The girl saw her sticker through the window at Bolocco and told Sallie that she was going to be attending the camp soon. Ever since then, Sallie has been mentoring this girl.


Eric Doente – Freshman WLP Major: Eric didn’t have much to reveal about his mysterious stickers besides his favorite sticker, the banana sticker. He got it an an Aminé concert which was one of his favorite things he has done in Boston this year. You might know the song “Caroline” from this band.


Cassandra Yany – Freshman Journalism major: Cassandra is from Rhode Island, which is where her anchor and PV Donuts is from. PV Donuts is a popular donut shop in Rhode Island where she usually frequents when at home. Cassandra has a New York City sticker because she wants to work in NYC in a magazine someday. Lastly, she has a “Rep” (Reputation) sticker to show her love and undying support of Taylor Swift.


Jillian Stalker – Freshman VMA major: Jillian’s laptop was definitely the most minimalistic. Jillian admitted that she was very into minimalism, and the googly eyes were representative of her eccentric, spontaneous, and unique personality. I think that the googly eyes are a great conversation starter and are a play on her last name: “Stalker.”

Gaining some insight behind the mysterious stickers that find themselves on every millennial’s laptop proved to be a very interesting project. I always thought that the majority of stickers were random, but actually every sticker seems to have some sort of hidden meaning. The next time you are checking out some of those laptop stickers or buying some of your own, try to decipher the meaning behind them!

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