My College Basketball Losing Curse

Now that the basketball season is over, I can openly admit that I might be the reason Emerson lost a few games… Okay, I get how silly it may sound but the curse has been proven. It all started in the game against Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) when they lost by one point in a 74-73 game. After the first time, I did not think much of the loss. It was just unlucky, right? I continued going to games and they continued to lose. Some games by 5 points, some by 20 but it wasn’t until I visited Duke that I actually believed in my curse.

If you aren’t familiar with Duke basketball, it is a HUGE deal. They are known for how many college players end up in the NBA, such as Kyrie Irving. To get tickets for these games, students legitimately camp outside of the basketball stadium for weeks. I thought that my friend was kidding about how intense they get, but then I got the chance to see it before my own eyes and actually got to participate in tenting.


On the day of the game, my friend and I woke up at 7 a.m. to go and wait for the 3 p.m. game. It was exhausting, to say the least. When I arrived at the area of the tents, I was absolutely shocked to see all the trouble they go through for some tickets (which I totally understand now). They would have random “tent checks” which consists of people scurrying from their tents to get ID checks. The trick to these checks is that 6 members must be present at all times. Some people made excel schedule sheets to schedule times to ensure 6 people are in the tent. I got to participate with my borrowed Duke ID (which looked nothing like me). With my friends’ group of friends, I was able to get front row seats at the game against the University of Virginia.


I was definitely excited about the game but by halftime, I was fully in the game. I even learned all of their cheers (but I was kind of forced to or else I would have looked like an idiot on TV). This game was a nail-biter and was back and forth the whole time. The game was predicted to be won by Duke, which gave fans even more anxiety about the closeness of the score. Duke is also known for their record-breaking wins in the Cameron Stadium. The day I attended the game, January 27, was also the first time since 1973 that Duke and UNC lost on their home court. It wasn’t until after that I opened a Snapchat from my friend back at Emerson that said, “you’re bad luck they shouldn’t have lost,” that I really considered being bad luck.

To test out to see if my curse really was true, I attended an Emerson basketball game against Clark. When I arrived it started off as a close half and then they started to fall behind to Clark. I felt increasingly guilty as the game continued so I decided to leave to see if they had a better chance. My roommate was keeping updated play by play and at the last second, the game went into overtime by a 3-point shot to tie the game. After they won in overtime, it was official: I was bad luck.

After my little experiment, I came to the conclusion that I have cursed college basketball teams. As silly as it may seem, I really am convinced that I caused them to lose. Maybe next year I can test out my bad luck theory again but as of now, I am keeping my distance from any and all basketball teams. Hopefully, my curse is only on college basketball teams, I have been too nervous to see if I’ll jinx NBA teams too…

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