Wag: Tinder for Dogs

The hardest thing for me about moving to college was not leaving my friends, family, own room, or even free food… It was leaving my dog. Sophie was everything to me, and still is. She was, in internet terms, a perfect floofer that I had the liberty of cuddling with when I was having a bad day, or when I just wanted some lovin’. My first week of Boston, I had somes serious pupper withdrawals; symptoms include: waking up in the middle of the night petting your pillow, having every background picture on your devices a picture of your pupper, and calling home and asking to speak with said pupper.

I knew this could not continue, so when I heard about doggo Tinder, (Wag), I signed up immediately. The sign-up process and background check took about two weeks, and after that I was in! I began to get notifications from ever floofer, woofer, and pupper in a 2 mile radius. I could not believe my eyes as countless pictures flooded my phone of dogs who wanted to be walked by me, me! I accepted the first walk that was two miles away in South Boston, (mistake). It took me an hour to get there and I crossed two bridges, a major highway, and traversed through questionable neighborhoods. Nevertheless, I was thrilled about my first walk and was overjoyed to meet Sam, a pitbull mix. I continued to do Wag walks for the next few months, sometimes three times a day.

Wag is easy to sign up for, and it pays pretty well. Wag takes a little under half of what they charge, but it is not bad because you still make $12-$14 for 30 minute walks and $16-$18 for 60 minute walks. Wag also gives you more money if you are walking more than one dog for the owner, and you get to keep all your tips. I get tips 80% of the time, usually $4 or more! One owner always tipped me $4.20. Every. Time. The only drawback of Wag is that the app sucks all the life out of your phone battery, so I got into the habit of bringing a backup battery when I take longer walks. Also, the Wag support line is always busy, so it is hard to get in contact with them if you need help or need to cancel a walk. I would just make sure that when you accept a walk, you are committing to that walk 100% to avoid any miscommunication.

I have gotten to meet the cutest dogs through Wag, and I got to explore parts of Boston that I would have never explored without the draw of a cute fluffer. I needed a place to share the cuteness of these doggos, so I created an Instagram called @emma.walks.dogs, where I post funny pictures and videos of all their furry faces. One memorable pupper I walked was called Savash, who I walked probably 15 times in a period of two months. Savash is a Siberian husky puppy who you bet got ALL the pets from passersby. I once walked two dogs with my boyfriend; a German shepherd mixed with a husky and a purebred husky. These wolfers looked like they were Dire wolves right out of Game of Thrones. I would not have been able to walk them by myself, as they were as tall as my belly button and weighed around 70-80 pounds! Needless to say, Wag is the best experience and definitely something to get involved in if you miss your pupper from home or just want some furry cuddles from a friendly face.

Wag is definitely worth it, especially if your want to make some extra cash by hanging with adorable puppies… What isn’t there to love?

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