Boston Bucket List

As the end of the of the first semester is coming to an end, there is still so much of Boston that my friends and I have been wanting to explore. My friend group consists of people from all over: two from California, one from Delaware, two from Texas (including me), two from New York, one all the way from London, and one from Boston. So we discussed with our Bostonian friend some of the things he wanted to do and he replied with “done that” multiple times, but he also sometimes replied, “I haven’t done that.” In a group meeting, we all brainstormed the places in Boston we wanted to go to and we decided to make a “Boston Bucket List” that we are determined to finish by the end of freshman year.

Ice Skating in the Frog Pond 

Now that the Frog Pond has opened into an ice skating rink. What better way to celebrate the holiday season than to go ice skating in the Boston Common. They offer student discounts for ice skating admission, but keep in mind there are skate rental prices and if needed locker rentals.

Follow the Freedom Trail

While exploring Boston, at times we have come across the Freedom Trail. So now we are determined to follow the trail. The trail is 2.5 miles long and passes through 16 significant history locations. On the trail, the history of the American Revolution is told through the trail. After learning about the American Revolution in history class, it’ll be fascinating to see some of the sites in person.

Go to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

We’ve heard so many good things about the Isabella Stewart Gardner, and as Emerson students, we get free admission. Located in Fenway, this museum offers many art collections and interactive experiences. This museum was created by the vision of Isabella Stewart Gardner and offers a homey yet regal feel. On the website, there is a multitude of special events throughout the months that are perfect for groups of people.

Eat at Wahlburgers

 If you’re like me my friends and me, you love a good burger. After seeing the TV show Wahlburgers and numerous Mark Wahlberg movies, I decided that I must go to Wahlburgers while in Boston. Wahlburgers is located all over Massachusetts, but the location closest to Emerson is in the Fenway area.

Go to the beach

Growing up in Texas, I have experienced Texas beaches. Now I want to see what East Coast beaches. When it gets warmer, my friends and I are planning to head to Carson Beach which is located in South Boston. We chose this beach because of the location and because my friend from Massachusetts recommended it. So I guess I will see if the Massachusetts beach beats Texas beaches (which should not be too hard).

Eat a cannoli at Mike’s Pastries

I have always wanted to try Mike’s Pastries, but I have always been too impatient to stand in the long line. Once I am ready to face the line, I am so excited to try one of the famous cannolis.

Go to a fancy dinner at the Four Seasons

Don’t get me wrong, we love eating at the dining hall every day, but every once in awhile it’s nice to eat out. My friends and I have devised a plan to dress up fancy and indulge in a dinner at the Four Seasons for the night.

Go to a Celtics, Bruins, and/or Red Sox game

After living in Boston, I have definitely hopped on the Boston fandom bandwagon (I even got a Red Sox hat and a Patriots shirt). With some of the greatest teams in the leagues, it would be silly to not take advantage of seeing them play live. My friends and I are planning on attending a Celtics game soon even though we will probably be in the nosebleed section… But hey, it’s all about the experience, right?

Here are just a few items on a list that continues to grow. While we are in college in this amazing city, we need to take advantage of all the city has to offer. It’s still crazy to me that we get to go to school in such an amazing city! I hope that you and your friends can enjoy some of the same adventures that my friends and I plan on going on. For more Boston bucket list ideas, I linked some below. Happy exploring!



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