My Double Life as a Fashionista-Athlete

“Whoa I didn’t know you play soccer!” is a reaction I’m used to getting when people figure out that I play soccer too. My teammates and I always joke that I live a “double life”: fashionista by day, athlete by night.

For those who know me well, you know that I would NEVER wear my soccer clothes to class for fun. Not that there’s anything wrong with it (for those who do) but personally I don’t like wearing my athletic clothes for fun. This is not because I’m not proud to represent my team, because I most definitely am, it’s just that I prefer to dress everyday because it makes me feel more productive.  I also simply love to get ready in the mornings. Getting ready for the day is like my cup of coffee.

When it comes to the time of the day to transform into an athlete, the heels and makeup come off and the cleats and shin guards come on. Being a fashion blogger and a soccer player isn’t a common combo, nor is it ideal at times.  I start some days in full photoshoot makeup (fake eyelashes and everything) and then completely take of my makeup and change into soccer clothes for practice . . . talk about a major transformation. Balancing school, soccer and a blog has been very challenging but it has taught me how to become an expert of time management. This has been especially hard having two games a week and practice every day but Sunday. But it really isn’t that daunting of a task when you get to play a sport that you love with your best friends. It’s so nice to go to practice and have an escape at the end of the day and forget about all the worries that college brings. 

Although I may not be your stereotypical college athlete that eats, sleeps and breathes soccer, I am still very proud to be an athlete and represent Emerson. Coming into such a new environment has been so much easier because of my team. I have an automatic group of best friends from all years and I get to be with them everyday. I have people who support me on and off the field, and definitely don’t look down upon me for being a little bit of a shopaholic. Sure, they may tease me sometimes but I can also be an easy target at times.

I love the feeling of walking out on the soccer field with my team before the game and then hearing “Freshman Elise Sanchez from Austin, Texas”, but I also love spending the whole day doing a photoshoot for my blog. My teammates know me from when they see me on the field or when I’m taking pictures for my blog on Newbury Street. Yes, soccer is a huge part of my life, but so is fashion. I have never felt the need to identify myself in one category. I am proud to be a “Fashionista athlete,” or as my coach likes to call me, “Gucci girl.” Some days I can literally look like two different people, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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