Best Boston Attractions From a Professional Tourist


After living in Boston for almost three months, I still consider myself a professional tourist. Professional tourist, what’s that you may say? Well, since I am still new to Boston I wouldn’t consider myself a Bostonian, but I am also just not a vistor anymore. Therefore, I just consider myself a professional tourist now. Through these few months of having my own time to explore and having visitors come to town, I have come up with a list of my favorite places to visit in Boston.  

New England Aquarium 

Going to the New England aquarium proved to me that you are never too old for an aquarium. I recently went to the aquarium when my family was visiting and I’m not going to lie I was way more excited than my fourteen-year-old sister. Not only were there great exhibits, such as penguins and seals, but they also had very interactive exhibits. I got to pet starfish, stingrays and even sharks! And to top off the whole experience, it is located right by the harbor. So once you are done exploring the aquarium, go out to the harbor and take pictures by the beautiful waters.

Skywalk Observatory  

The Skywalk Observatory located in the prudential center has the absolute BEST views of Boston. The Prudential Center is a very feasible walk from Boston Public Library. On the 50th floor of the center lies the observatory.  The walls are all glass windows with a breathtaking view of all downtown Boston. There you can see Fenway, the commons, churches and the Charles river all in one place. I personally believe this is a must on anyone’s Boston tour agenda. The price of the New England Aquarium and the Skywalk Observatory is substantially cheaper with a Go Boston card.

The North End

If you are in the mood to try out some great food, go to the North End. I highly recommend going to Quincy Market for an array of choices. There are a plethora of food trucks and restaurants to pick and choose from, but what the North End is most well known for is the Italian food. You will find homemade pasta and Italian pastries galore there. You will not be disappointed by the homemade food there. But, be prepared to either make a reservation or wait hours for a table.

Boston Common

The Boston Common is definitely a must! Take a walk, have a picnic, or even take a swan boat tour during the summertime. Even though we become immune to the beautiful scenery of the Boston Common, your guests will definitely be blown away by the beauty. Even if the Boston Common isn’t one of your main attractions on the tour, use the commons as a detour and go through the gardens to get to Newbury street.

Newbury Street

If you are in the mood for great shopping and food, go to Newbury Street. Newbury Street varies from stores like Forever 21 to Chanel. When shopping, have a general idea of what stores you want to visit because if not you may become overwhelmed.  There are  also many different restaurants and desert places. If you have ever seen the TV show DC Cupcakes, then you must go to Georgetown cupcakes to try out one of the delicious desserts for yourself.  

The Boston Public Library

The library is one of my favorite places. One street over from Newbury Street on Boylston street lies the Boston Library. Take a walk through the magnificent interior of the Library and explore the beautiful architecture. Don’t forget to checkout outside too. The outside part of the library is equally as beautiful of the inside and will blow you away. 

Duck Tours- You see the duck tour buses everywhere around Boston, but the mere sight of them is not a good enough experience. A Duck Tour was one of the first things I did when I visited Boston and it made me fall in love with Boston even more. To start off the tour, you are assigned a driver and they are dressed up in character. I have seen “conDUCKtors” ranging from Duck Dynasty to The Mad Hatter. The tours take you all around downtown Boston and take you across the Charles River. This tour is a great way to get a great sense of the city and it’s rich history in a fun, entertaining way. 

These are most definitely not the only places you should visit while in Boston, there are too many places to fit into one trip but I personally believe that these are some of the best attractions. I hope my expert advice as a professional tourist can benefit you and your visitors, and that you will come to love this city as much as I do.

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