Sleeping Beauty: How to Cut Your Morning Routine in Half

8 a.m.s…you never want to wake up for them and you always want to wear your pajamas to class. But sometimes you have those days where you actually do need to look presentable. Maybe you have a presentation or a meeting, or just one of those days you can’t wear leggings. Here are a few tips to cut your morning routine in half.


Pick your outfit out the night before (and actually try it on)– You would be amazed at how much time you can save by simply picking out your outfit the night before. After you think you have the right outfit, try it on. You may wake up in the morning and try your outfit and absolutely hate it. So save yourself some time and stress and make sure you actually like your outfit the night before.

Tips to picking out your outfit:

Here are a few tips to ease the lengthy process of deciding what to wear.

  • If you have the option to wear a dress, wear a dress- I know that may sound silly but dresses are the most simple outfit you can wear and take the least amount of effort to pick out. On days I do not feel like going through all the effort of picking out an elaborate outfit, I choose to wear a simple t-shirt dress and throw on a jean jacket. What I love about t-shirt dresses is that you can dress them up or down by how you style it. For example, for a more casual day pair your dress with a jean jacket and your favorite pair of sneakers. If you want to dress up more that day, wear a leather jacket and booties with your dress and maybe add some simple jewelry to top off the look.
  • Wear something with layers- Throughout your busy day you never know if you will be in a classroom the temperature of Antarctica or outside in the Boston Common. Instead of wearing a long sleeve shirt, maybe wear a short sleeve and a jacket. My personal favorite look is a graphic tee with a distressed jean jacket and skinny jeans. This outfit is versatile and looks stylish with or without a jacket.
  • Avoid prints, stick with solid colors- Solid colors are safer and you are least likely to change your mind in the morning. Some of my favorite go to solid colors are black, maroon and army green. These colors are all easily paired with a simple pair of skinny jeans. When in doubt, there is no shame in wearing black on black. Wear your favorite black top and black jeans. Wearing black on black is one of my favorite go-to outfits.

Skip the hot hair tools- If you skip using your curling iron or straightener, you can save more time and get more sleep. Some hairstyles you may want to try are: Ponytail, Top Knot bun, low bun, and side braid. My personal favorite is a top knot hairstyle. It is a simple, chic hairstyle that takes minimal effort. Of course, not everyone needs to use hot hair tools so if you have the option to wear your hair natural then I would highly recommend doing that.

Keep your makeup routine light- No one has time to do a full-glam makeup look in the morning (if you do, props to you that is seriously impressive). To keep your makeup routine as simple as possible, put on only what you need. For the mornings of my 8ams, I only put on moisturizer with sunscreen, foundation, mascara, blush, and sometimes and little concealer over blemishes. This routine takes at most 8 minutes.

With these few quick tips, I hope you can cut your morning routine in half and look like a “sleeping beauty” for your 8 ams. You would be amazed at how a few quick adjustments to your routine can save time in the morning. Now you can be stylish and fully rested to take on your busy day!

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