Millennials as Trendsetters

Millennials: the generation everyone loves to hate, including ourselves. You can catch us laughing at how ridiculous we truly are, sipping on our $6 cold brew coffees in jeans that reveal more skin than actual denim. However, there is no doubt that we are style and foodie icons, revolutionizing our lives with trends that are so outrageous that they somehow work.

Avocado Toast

Of course, we begin with the idolized avocado. It’s a fruit so perfect, it has endless forms. Need a kick to your salad? Throw in some cubed avocado. Smoothie time? Don’t mind if I scoop in some fresh avocado. However, it’s undeniable that the millennial’s favorite use of this treasured treat is simply mashed on toast. It’s the breakfast of champs: a golden-brown piece of your favorite toast (for me, it’s rye), topped with creamy mashed avocado and sprinkled with salt, pepper and red pepper flakes. It’s as close to perfection as I’ll ever get. And that’s clear from a CNBC article, stating that Americans spend approximately $900,000 on avocado toast a month (and no, I didn’t add any extra 0s). While it may get some hate from our elders, claiming it is a huge investment in a piece of bread with green mush on top, it’s truly the perfect way to get in some healthy carbs and buttery goodness, without actually fatty butter, of course. You can surely find it served at almost every cafe or brunch place, perfect for a lighter breakfast or afternoon snack.

Unicorn Anything

You’ve seen it all over your Instagram feed. A series of rainbow-colored milkshakes, doughnuts, and even corn, not to mention the unicorn-printed shirts, hats, and room decor. If you’ve forever been a die-hard fan of fairytales, now is your shining moment, as millennials have brought the make-believe into real life. Some trends didn’t go as well planned (ahem: the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino), but most are well-executed. And even if it doesn’t taste great in food form, it never fails to be an aesthetically-pleasing addition to your photo collection. Sure, most parents probably think it’s just full of unneeded sugars and artificial dyes, but what’s a little treat now and then? And if you’re trekking all the way to New York City, it’s a shame if you didn’t even try a rainbow bagel.

Millennial Pink

Fasten your seatbelts, because millennial pink might just be the new black (gasp!). It’s true, the color has spread like wildfire throughout our generation. From suede Converse to laptop covers to hoodies, millennial pink has made its mark. It’s the color that defines our generation, showing that we can make even the most innocent shade of blush into a rebellious, daring icon. You’d be shocked to find brooding college “sad bois” in baby pink hoodies, young women in rose-tinted shades, and professional boss ladies strutting to work with a tote bag in the same shade as Pepto-Bismol. The new craze has even been seen in our wine preferences: rosé beats red and white almost every time. It’s almost impossible to avoid giving in to the trend, what with it completely taking over favorite millennial stores such as Forever 21, H&M, Zara and Brandy Melville. What’s so empowering about this trend is that it is for all; finally, pink is no longer “just for girls,” but appreciated and supported by all millennials.

Whole Foods

This one might just be the most peculiar trend to non-millennials. Why go out of our way to a grocery store to spend almost triple what we might at a normal grocery store? Well, parents, it’s the idea of it. Whole Foods represents all of a millennial’s wildest dreams: organic produce, healthy eating, and a branded grocery bag to show off that, yes, I can afford to shop at Whole Foods. And, since our generation is infatuated with the idea of natural and healthy cooking, it’s a win-win. More so than past generations, we are all about fruity smoothies, roasted veggies, quinoa bowls and lean chicken breasts. And the perfect place to live out our organic dreams is in the heaven of all grocery stores itself. Not to mention it’s the best spot for a weekday work lunch with your coworkers. Talk about health goals.


Last, but not least, there is the golden fashion trend of our time: athleisure. It was honestly a gift from above. How we managed to make comfort look stylish is beyond me, but our plans have succeeded. Brands like lululemon, Adidas, Nike, and Athleta are absolutely booming today as millennial flood their prized locations. While the gym life has also become popularized in our generation, it seems that the idea of seeming as though you go to the gym is even more popular (much to all of our relief). It is now considered fashionable to show up to class, your favorite cafe, or the mall in track pants, neon sneakers, geometric sports bras, and sweat-resistant tanks. I could go even as far as to say it’s considered glamorous. Of course, regularly showing off brand-name athleisure products proves your wealth and good fortune. Those may just look like stretchy black running pants, but you know she dropped $80 on them. And the best part about wearing those clothes is the mystery of it. Did they just go to the gym and are now grabbing a post-workout smoothie? Are they pregaming their workout with a sweetgreen salad? Do they even have a gym membership? Who knows? It’s all about the perception you put out of being a hip, trendy, fitness icon.

While some of our millennial trends may be borderline preposterous, there’s no doubting their influence on today’s world. We are constantly coming up with new and exciting ways to improve our lives, both physically and aesthetically. We are rebels, within reason, and love nothing more than finding the next best thing to show off to the world via our social media. The pursuit of each social trend stems from our desire to both stand out from the crowd and be supported by our millennial community. And with that, we continue to push forward (maybe with significantly less deconstructed dishes and overly-priced basics).

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