Summer Writer’s Block

Summer is a time to relax and have a little more fun than you’re used to. For writers this can distract us from what we do best: writing. The activity of the summer tends to make sitting down and writing more difficult, but there are many ways to make your writing livelier and to help get you writing in the first place.

1) The Great Outdoors

Writing tends to get associated with hunching over desks in stuffy rooms, but taking your writing outdoors is a great way to start writing about something you haven’t tackled before. The sunny summer weather makes it perfect to sit outside for a while without being disturbed. You can sit on a park bench, at an outdoor Starbucks, or even just right outside your front door. When you sit down with nothing but a pen and pencil, there is plenty opportunities to notice something new and exciting that could get your creative juices flowing.

2) 1000 Words

I’m taking this straight from Stephen King. I believe he strives for more than 1,000 words, but for someone with writer’s block or with a busy schedule 1,000 words is a lot. Even grabbing a piece of scrap paper or typing a stream of consciousness exercise would work for this. It’s all about “shutting off the editor.” Giving yourself a little block of time to write the first thing that comes to your mind and running with it can lead you to interesting places, such as story ideas or maybe some key words and feelings to make up a poem. Keeping this minimal writing schedule helps keep a writer in practice and prevents them from going 24 hours without writing.

3) Take Your Writing on Vacation

Going on vacation is a lot of fun. There’s plenty of time to unwind and have a wealth of new experiences. This is the perfect time to break out some writing. What I’ve always done is take a small notebook with me everywhere I go. There’ll be little and big things to see and writing down basic observations or noting settings or characteristics of people can prove to be fuel for great writing. Experiencing different cultures and places, even if it’s only from one state to another, gives a writer more flavors to include in their work. It’s kind of like running an ice cream shop where you can take a scoop from each place and add it to your writing sundae.

4) Your Small Notebook is Your Best Friend

This goes along with vacation but keeping it in mind for everyday use is just as important. I work at a retail job and I have a post-it pad next to the register for when a customer says something that sticks with me,or when I see a cool outfit I’d like to remember. Inspiration can strike at any time, and having your tools available to you 24/7 is important. In today’s day and age this can be your phone too. Use the Notes app to jot down fun things you encounter this summer and maybe someday it can turn into an even bigger writing project.

Because the summertime is so different from the rest of the year, gathering observations and snippets of writing can be extra fun. Make sure to always have your metaphorical pen in your pocket at all times!

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