A Thank You Letter to My Mom

Dear Mom, 

    Happy 45th Birthday!!! This is one of the few times where I’ve been away from home on your birthday, so I wanted to do something special. I know that you’re very excited to be getting older. You’ve never shied away from aging, but instead,  have embraced it with poise and gratuity. This is only one in a long list of ways that you continue to inspire me. I have always looked up to you. 

    I feel that it’s necessary for me to thank you for a few things. One of the most prominent and constant aspects of my childhood is that you always nurtured my love of reading. We spent countless hours in bookstores and libraries. You filled our home with every genre and topic imaginable. You never censored my content and encouraged my curiosity. Books have given me so much throughout my life, and I’m so grateful that you encouraged my vivacious appetite for literature and provided me with every resource I needed. 

     You’ve always allowed me to be my own person. Many other parents throughout my childhood looked on disapprovingly as you let me make my old bold choices which led to both triumphs and errors. I had more freedom than most of my friends. You were only ever strict when it came to schoolwork and you challenged me to ask questions and push boundaries (you might have regretted that during my teenage years). Despite all the up and downs and mistakes each of us might have made, you have ultimately kept me on the right path and taught me about what’s important. I definitely have your fierce independence and streak of stubbornness, but I’ve also acquired a deep sense of curiosity and love for the world around me.

    I’m incredibly nervous about graduating next year and I’m not entirely sure where I’m headed or what I’ll be doing in five years, but I know that I’ll make it to where I need to be because you’ve given me everything that I need. I get to study my craft and explore in one of my favorite cities all because of you. I miss you every day and I love our FaceTime chats (even though they’ll never replace the iconic midnight barefoot walks). So once again, happy birthday. I love you so so much. 




Also, thank you for painting my bedroom door like a TARDIS ( I still brag about it to all my friends at college).

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