Why Millennials are Actually a Very Productive Generation

We all know how people feel about the millennial generation. One day, our parents are reprimanding us for trying to act older than we are with phrases like “young lady” and “while you’re under my roof….” The next day, we are being told to stop being so lazy and to go make a living for ourselves. We’re the generation that is underappreciated and overworked. But, in my opinion, I believe millennials are the generation of productivity and innovation, and here’s why:

Most of us are working one or more jobs.

Back during our parents’ generation, it was common for teens and young adults to spend their free time with friends or studying. However, for us, basically all of our free time is spent working. Whether it’s to make extra pocket money or to fund our own educations, millennials work hard to make ends meet. We load on the retail jobs and restaurant gigs to balance out the unpaid internships we need for our future careers.

We are more socially and environmentally conscious.

Older generations think that millennials are always just sitting around waiting for change to happen. What they don’t know is that a high percentage of millennials are out there, fighting in protests, walking in marches and actually participating in the change we want to see. While we do talk up our opinions on climate change, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, and POC rights, we also make the effort to show what we believe in and take a stand for what is right.

If we don’t find it, we create it.

Our parents and grandparents may think that we are never satisfied. We always want more speed, efficiently, convenience and effectivity. While this is true, we again don’t just sit around waiting for the improvements to occur. Often, if we don’t see our needs being met, we meet them ourselves. Millennials are the generation that takes things into our own hands, creating apps, social platforms, technology products, and more. We have minds wired for growth and innovation.

We prioritize self-care, both physical and emotional.

From the outside perspective, it may look like we millennials are self-absorbed. In reality, though, we just have learned to put ourselves first and recognize that it’s impossible to help others and accomplish our goals if our health is in a bad state. We invest in gym memberships and organic and healthy groceries to keep our bodies strong. And we do the same for our minds, taking the responsibility to care for ourselves and talk our emotions out, whether that be with an expert or with friends. Either way, we have learned the importance of health and wellness.

We have a deep appreciation of the past, present and future.

Millennials have a way of recognizing the gems in each generation. Our parents and grandparents may view us as merely copying past generations. They see us in our Aviator sunglasses, flared and distressed jeans, old band tees and dirty Converse and attribute it to a lack of creativity. However, we are one of the first generations to actually appreciate the generations past and who strive to bring back some of their fashion statements. Not only are we appreciative of the past though; we keep up with fast fashion and the ever-changing trends of today. We love millennial pink, but we also understand that millennial pink is not forever. And with that, we appreciate the future and the unknown world of possibilities. Some of those are possibilities that we will come to create ourselves. We are the generation who loves to try new things and experiment with aspects of the past, present and future.

We are the generation that stands up for what it wants and emphasizes empowerment and self-expression. We work hard in every aspect of our lives, from jobs to school to social life to political beliefs. Constantly striving towards perfection, we never settle for any less and are always finding ways to innovate our lives. We are the generation of responsibility, productivity, collaboration, and creativity and it’s time for the world to recognize that.

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