Heart Map Series: Jess

1. Politics: I like to say that I love politics, even when I don’t like politics. The current political climate is obviously not ideal, but that doesn’t mean I have any less of an interest in the study of politics and government. I make an effort to learn as much as I can and to keep up with current events. If I could pick my dream future, it would be one where I have a career in which I get paid just to write about politics.

2. Netflix: I chose to highlight Netflix on this list because the majority of TV shows I watch are Netflix originals or at least ones available for viewing on Netflix. I’m an avid House of Cards fan and am anxiously awaiting its return this May. I also enjoy Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black. Just last week, I finished 13 Reasons Why and while I have some complaints about how the show handled difficult topics, I can’t say I wasn’t hooked on it.

3. HBO: Okay, I’m also an HBO fan. Currently, I’m a big fan of both Game of Thrones and Westworld. If you know me personally, there is a good chance I’ve already attempted to coerce you into watching Westworld, which I believe to be an amazing show. There are plenty of other HBO series I hope to tackle over the summer including Veep and at least the first season of True Detective.

4. Overwatch: I also talk about and play a lot of Overwatch. Overwatch is a first-person shooter game created by Blizzard, which I am currently and have been obsessed with. I love the game’s lore and how it involves superheroes and robots — two things loved by nerds everywhere. As the only video game I have ever gotten invested in, I can say that Overwatch holds a special and unique place in my heart.

5. Star Wars: At seven years old, I was introduced to the Star Wars series by my brother and my world changed. The original trilogy was my first true experience with genre, since the world of Star Wars is so fantastical. Soon, I began writing my own stories and crafting my own characters thanks to the example set forth by George Lucas. I remain an avid fan today, having seen The Force Awakens six times in theaters alone, though I don’t think that’s something to brag about. 

6. Stationery: I love stationery! Pens, paper, washi tape — if it can make organizing my school and work agenda more exciting, I’m into it. 

7. Coffee: Before college, I was never much of a coffee drinker. Now I drink at least a cup of coffee a day. I don’t love coffee to the point of obsession, but I do depend upon a warm cup of coffee from my suite’s Keurig to wake up each morning. I’ll usually treat myself to an iced coffee from Dunkin’ or Starbucks, regardless the season.

8. Writing: If I didn’t love writing, I probably wouldn’t be studying at Emerson with a major in Writing, Literature, and Publishing.

9. Theater: Before I arrived at Emerson, I was a theater kid. Performing in plays was a constant of my elementary, middle school, and high school years. My experiences with my high school drama remain some of my fondest and it is through theater that I was able to gain confidence and make my mark in my local community.

10. YouTube: When I’m bored, YouTube is my ultimate resource. I’ll find myself in a video black hole, where I keep watching random videos for hours. Casey Neistat is my favorite YouTuber, as I consider him to be the greatest vlogger to ever exist. No vlogger can ever match the talent of Casey Neistat. No vlog can ever match the superior quality of a Casey Neistat vlog. Casey deserved a special shout out on this list because although I am not a filmmaker or Casey Neistat, I find his videos and overall demeanor to be very inspiring. But, I still just love the site in general.

11. Art: I no longer draw as much as I should, but art has always been important to me. At an early age, I started drawing and it was the first talent that I was ever given recognition for. As the years have passed and my interests have expanded, I don’t devote as much time to making art anymore. However, I hope to change that this summer.

12. Dogs: If you know me, this isn’t surprising: I love dogs. Any type of dog, it doesn’t mad. Big or small, old or young.

13. Friends: The friends I have made at Emerson have genuinely changed my life for the better. I am not sure who I would be without them. I’m not the type to say this often, but I feel blessed that I’ve been able to find such incredible friends and confidantes. Even though I don’t have the time to hang out with them as often as I would like, the truth is that there is no place I’d rather be than in a common room (our choice hangout spot) with them.

14. Emerson: All of us here at Atlas are Emerson students, of course. But, I wanted to take a moment to talk about what the school means to me. I knew Emerson was my dream school as early as my sophomore year of high school. Since starting at Emerson, I’ve never doubted I made the right choice. I’ve learned a lot thus far in my Emerson career and I look forward to what my future at Emerson will bring me. 


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