Heart Map Series: Lauren

As a wrap up to the end of the semester and tie-in to our print issues’s Pursuit theme, our next week of posts are all centered around heart maps. Each member of our blog staff, as well as our Editor in Chief and Managing Editor has filled out a heart map to show our individual interests. Here’s mine:

Coffee: I usually drink about a cup every day. I also only drink iced coffee, so you will certainly find me looking like a stereotypical New Englander with my Dunkin’ iced coffee in the middle of January.

Family: I have a very close family. A lot of my family lives on Long Island so we see each other a lot. I FaceTime my brother practically every day. I also cherish all of the friends I’ve made throughout the years because I know I couldn’t have gotten through certain things without their support.

Cats: I love a lot of different types of animals, but cats have a special place in my heart. I have two cats named Dexter and Isabella and I keep track of their lives on an Instagram I run for them.

Bagels: I have a bagel from Long Island in my freezer currently. I sometimes bring a bigger bag than necessary home so I have enough room to bring bagels back. Pro Tip: what you buy at Einstein’s is not a bagel.

Music: I have Spotify Premium and I have many different playlists. Currently, some of my favorite music artists are Bastille, Sleeping at Last, Daughter, Shawn Mendes, and Troye Sivan (One Direction will also always have a special place in my heart).

Books: One of my favorite book series of all time is The Hunger Games and I also really love Harry Potter (Fun fact: I read Harry Potter for the first time this summer). Lately I’ve also been very into Sherman Alexie. I’ve read The Toughest Indian in the World and I have The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven and Reservation Blues lined up to read when I have time.

TV Shows: Speaking of books, my favorite TV Show currently is Shadowhunters which is based off The Mortal Instruments series. I don’t watch as much TV since coming to college, but I still watch The Amazing Race which is something my aunt and mom introduced me to when I was thirteen. I watch a bunch of others, but I tend not to watch them on a week to week basis like I do with these shows.

Emerson: When I came to visit colleges in Boston, I was so tired and done with looking at colleges that I threw a proper fit on our way to Emerson. I had just visited BU and hated it, and I didn’t see the point of visiting another college that I had never heard of. My mom was so close to turning around and not visiting the school, and that would have really changed the course of my life. I fell in love with Emerson when I visited and now three years I later I know there’s nowhere else I’d rather be going to school. I’m a Writing, Literature, in Publishing major with minors in Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies and Digital Media and Culture. I’m also lucky enough to be involved in so many wonderful organizations such as Atlas, Five Cent Sound, Stork, EAGLE, Pub Club, and The Luminary.

Hats: I wear hats almost every day. For me they’re not something to cover up a bad hair day (though they’re certainly useful for that too). I have about six snapbacks, twelve beanies, and a few bandanas and flower crowns.

Writing: I wanted to be a writer from about as early as age six or seven and for the most part, the dream never wavered. I used to make picture books out of construction paper in third grade. I’m so lucky to have found a college where I can study what I love but also expand my skills in ways I never would have expected.

Boston: New York will always be my home, but Boston has definitely become a second home to me. I love this city and I could definitely see myself staying here after graduation.

Yankees: Probably the biggest reason I don’t like Boston other than its lacking in the bagel department is the Red Sox. As a native New Yorker, I’ve been raised to harbor an intense dislike for the baseball team. I’m not interested in any other sports, but the Yankees have my heart and I have no shame in sporting Yankees gear even in the rival city.

Movies: My favorite movie changes all the time and I’m definitely attached to The Hunger Games and Harry Potter franchises. However, for a solid few years, I think my favorite movie has been The Way He Looks. It was screened at Emerson last year and I was fortunate enough to meet the director!

Social Media: I spend a lot on social media whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. It’s a great way to be involved in fandom culture and stay connected with family and friends. I also just recently downloaded Snapchat after having it deleted for about a year and I feel like a grandparent trying to learn new technology because so much has changed.

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